Dange AirB&B to be banned by local council

Hello everybody.
Few days ego someone who has small motel in our small town started a campaign against AirBNB in the town motivated it that it is not safe for residents in the town. I know that in few towns in BC Canada this business has been discussed and in couple places Airbnb got banned.
I am concerned as we started to get bookings for the summer and if this business will be banned I won’t be able to pay cancellation fee.
I’ve read on government site that if you let out up to 4 rooms in your main residence house you do not have to have license, but I can not find again this site. We studied bylaw and according town zone we are allowed to run B&B. But this can be changed any moment as happened in other town.
Any advice what can I do? Should I inform Airbnb?

Where are you located?

Canada, BC. small tourist town.

I’m surprised they would allow you to run a legit BnB without being properly zoned and with a business license. It seems that Airbnb has ducked under the radar thus far but that is changing.

I would check with Air first about having to cancel due to changes of regulation. Maybe they have special dispensation on that being the issue. Then call your local municipal authority to ask about honouring bookings taken before the change. It won’t look good on the town in general if guests have to cancel their plans.

On another note, you might fight back by getting other Airbnb hosts together. State that Airbnb actually has safer guests than those staying at a hotel because they are vetted and reviewed.

Thank you.
We are in zone, which allow to do B&B and as we do not generate more that 30000CAD a year we do not have to be registered as a business. We did not brake any rules. Just someone who has small motel started this campaign under cover that she lives in residential area and does not want transiers in the town as potential danger for children and also that town is short for long time rentals. We can not rent our room for long term as room does not have kitchen
I thought about to speak with other Airbnb people, thank you for support.

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Strange. Doesn’t it seem reasonable that a hotel would bring “transients” as much as an Airbnb? She is going against herself. This viewpoint has holes all over it! Your defense should be that you are welcoming “travelers” to your town and that is good for the town and the businesses that support it.

Thank you CanadianHost.
There already one Airbnb host approached me to hold a meeting next week to discuss this issue. Hope it will help us.

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Good luck with that!

Thank you.////////////

I suggest you get all STR owners organized and involved in Local Politics quickly.
Here is a good place to begin:


And, this has a good list of info.

Thank you! So much information to learn now.
But people rented out before Airbnb started and nobody complained. Airbnb just organised it and made easier to advertise.

It was not just "organized " by abb. When I began renting 7 years ago we were the only rental house and nobody paid attention. Now there are tons of houses and everyone is aware of how it affects them next door.

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I certainly do not know the laws of Canada. And where I live in Michigan the ordinances are different in most every town. But we do have, and most cities, townships in Michigan have what is called a “legal non-conforming use.” So if a town passes a new zoning ordinance that makes your legal use now not legal it can continue as a legal non-conforming use. But new people cannot start up the non legal use after inception date of the ordinance.
Suggest you go to town hall government offices and ask them specifically. Most people fear this type of interaction but the officials work for you and I believe will treat you quite nicely. Or at the very least send them and email with questions.

Regards, Curt

Thank you very for this information.
We are having a meeting tomorrow in the town hall about this business. For myself even if town will prohibit B&B I still will do it, as we are pensioners and our pension is to little to survive.