Damn ... just missed out on €200 ... I think

Has anyone here ever used the Host referral system? I only read about it today which is exactly one week after our son listed his apartment in Cape Town! I don’t suppose he can unlist it and then put it up again (they haven’t had anyone stay yet)? I’m so cross with myself for missing out - that will teach me to read Airbnb’s T&C!

Lord have mercy. I see it everyday, I’m not sure how you missed it. I’d probably just call Airbnb and see if they would give it to you, or you could try the unlisting…what could it harm.

I have not used the host referral but I’ve used the guest referral code. I got my $20 but didn’t get a chance to use it before it expired.

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I’ve got the referral link on a few of the articles on my website and I think I’ve referred two so far - both total strangers. :slight_smile:

I’ve received it twice. Both times I helped friends start their Airbnb build & list it. Then like the old V8 commercials, the host referral fee opportunity smacked me.

I sent them the referrals before they had their first bookings. One host called Airbnb on my behalf to make sure I didn’t miss out.

I got it once, for a neighbour, when it was AUD130. I was going to donate it to her charity but ended up setting up listing, acting as her IT/ABB help desk and doing so much for her I decided to keep it.



Interesting that you are personal Airbnb helpdesk. I am happy to help my friends set up their listings. I’m happy to help them anyway I can. I enjoy them. I enjoy their company. I would do it regardless of the referral fee. HOWEVER the ongoing personal help desk perspective made me feel “just fine” about taking a referral/headhunter reward.