Damage to guest car from tree on property

I had a guest report they had damage from a tree limb on the property falling on their car during a storm. I’ve asked for pictures to confirm, but im curious how others have handled similar situations.

We’ve had the same situation posted here before. Let me find the thread.

That is for the guest’s car insurance to deal with. It is exactly what comprehensive car insurance is for and this could’ve obviously happened on a public street as well. It is not a liability insurance issue and is not a homeowners or STR insurance issue. I.e. it is not your problem, but certainly say it more politely when you tell your guests that.


I was going to say exactly that. That’s what car insurance is for.


It’s an act of nature and you’re not liable. The reason I say this is because a neighbor’s tree fell on our property during a storm and when we called the insurance company that’s what they told us. The neighbor was not liable and it cost us $500 to get it removed from our front lawn.

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I wouldn’t have asked for pictures to confirm, as that gives the guest some idea that you consider yourself to have some responsibility.


I was thinking that too. I suppose he could always backtrack and say “Oh no, I didn’t mean for me, I meant for your insurance company.”



I think the most they could probably do is try to take you to small claims court to try to prove your were negligent in trimming hazardous dead branches or something and get their deductible back.

Not worth it. I paid $400 for a replacement windshield after the same happened in my driveway.

I would inform Airbnb in advance in writing. “There was storm damage to a guest’s car. I have explained to them that in our jurisdiction this is the responsibility of their car insurance policy, and it is their responsibility to make a claim with their insurer.” Just to preempt any clueless CS person trying to collect from you.


I wouldn’t want ABB CS to be involved in this at all. they are just as likely to suspend the listing for being “unsafe”.