Damage claim: 14 days, or before next guest checks in

Firstly apologies, I am certain these words of wisdom are somewhere already on this site, but I haven’t been able to find them.

A party checked out today with damage beyond expected wear and tear, some of which is easy to estimate, some of which we’ll need a professional to quote us.
The next guest checks in tomorrow. I had always thought you needed to submit a damage report before the next guest arrives so it’s clear to whom the damage is attributed - however customer service tell me no, while that’s best practice I do have up to 14 days. Does anyone have different experiences or advice? It seems a claim would be very easy to dispute if I send it in several guests later.

Secondly my approach to the ‘hard to estimate’ damage (busted a painting, canvas may be repairable) is to alert them now with photo documentation that the damage occurred on their watch; and pass through the charges once I get a professional estimate.

Advice valued, thank you

I’ve no personal experience with claims, but your approach sounds correct- report it before the next guests, with time and date stamped photos, then follow up when you get estimates on repairs or replacement.

Check the AirBnB policies. You used to have to report it before the next guest, but I recall that changed a few years back.
It’s probably a good idea to report the damage immediately regardless, and then send the quote in as soon as you get it.

Yes, it’s 14 days now to file the claim. Funny how it’s just the same amount of time for the guests to have the opportunity to leave a retaliatory review after being asked to pay for the damages. :thinking:

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Having just gone through the process (and did some things wrong but eventually did win my claim)

Take pictures of the damage
The more documentation of value the better.

You need to file within 14 days and before next guest checks in (if at all possible) it will help your claim

Here’s the details:

You will be required to request the money first from guests, when they refuse, then you get air cover involved.

I made the mistake of trying to fix the problem but it didn’t solve the damage and I fought for 3 months and a lot of my personal time. Good luck.

I had a guest break a TV (actually, his teenage daughter did) and deny the damage. I reported it to AirBnB immediately to claim for a new one, and it still took three months to get any payment for it. My rep was always “going on vacation” (yeah, right).

Don’t kid yourself - AirCover is insurance, and just like any other insurance company, they’ll try to avoid paying out claims.

Exactly. And I read all the time how difficult it is, and how very time-consuming, for hosts to claim from Airbnb.

I have used the same insurance company for many years for my own home insurance and for STR insurance and whenever I’ve made claims, the issue has been dealt with quickly and easily.

So you can see why I don’t even try to claim from Airbnb but rely on my own insurance.

As well as saving hundred of man-hours dealing with claims, it helps me sleep at night.


Update: the guest accepted the reimbursement request! I have done this 3x as a host and 2 out of 3x the guest has accepted responsibility, for the 3rd example where the guest refused, Airbnb reimbursed me.


Excellent! I’m always surprised to hear about the things guests somehow damage that I’ve managed to live 74 years and never do. How does anyone manage to break the canvas of a painting that’s hanging on the wall? They playing squash indoors or what? :laughing:

You have really great art in your listing, too. Is it your own work?

Airbnb CS reps seem to have days off or go on vacation about as often as guests who want to cancel with full refunds just had a medical emergency or a death in the family. Like far more often than the average person.

Ah sadly no . British artist .