Customize a price

Is there a straight forward / easy way to set prices so that the normal price is $210 but on Thur-Sun it is $235. All I am seeing is weekend rate which seems to be Friday and Saturday.
I’ve looked till I’m :eyes: hurting my eyes. I probably need a second pair.

The weekend (premium rated) is Friday and Saturday in the hospitality industry. If you also want to charge a higher rate on Thursdays and Sundays (seen usually as normal days of the week) you’re going to need to do it manually.


If you haven’t looked at it yet, I would recommend checking out I’m not affiliated with them in any way, but have started using them for our 4 AirBNBs and have been impressed so far. They adjust each night based on demand - and so far, they have been pricing higher than I would have naturally and we’re still getting bookings!

But I agree, you should be able to define what nights are defined as “weekends” on AirBNB - as you can on VRBO.