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Customer receipt

Hi there I have had an instant booking and my customer wants me to send a receipt so she an get reimbursed from her company. She has booked in for 2 People but only wants her name on the invoice. Does anyone know how to do this on Airbnb or do I just have to make my own invoice/receipt? Thanks

She can download it on her own account.

I think she wants to remove a name?! Only supposed to be booked for her…

But it would only be her name if it’s her account that booked?

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You’d better inventory your room before and after her visit. If she thinks it’s okay to steal from the company then it will be okay to steal from you too.


Why can’t her booking confirmation suffice? It only has the name of the person who booked…right??? I have never used Air as a guest but I don’t believe they ask anyone to list the names of other people


It appears that the guest doesn’t want to use the booking receipt, because the booking receipt will say that there are two guests and the guest wants his/her company to believe that the entire fee was for him/her.


I would just say. You booked through Airbnb and you need to speak to them as I don’t manage the payment side of it. That is Airbnbs responsibility.


I think she dos not want her company to know that she booked for 2 , because they only paying for her. Otherwise she would just show them receipt fromAirbnb

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The question is, is she paying extra for two people? (Our apartment sleeps two so it’s the same price for one person or for a couple). If she isn’t, then it doesn’t matter. She can just tell her expense account person that the rental accommodates two people so the number was automatic.

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No way. No how. Booking for two is on her. If the rates are the same for one or two, she can explain that her travel companion came along at no cost to the company. Don’t assist in cooking the books.

Is she also getting the 40oz steak for two on the company’s dime and marking it up as the dinner expense for one person?


Again, don’t do this it’s dishonest and not your problem.


Remember too, that any receipt you could attest to would only reflect the amount you receive from Air which is less than the amount her company paid for the reservation. You can’t include the 6% or whatever she was charged for the traveler fee ~ so what good would it do her?

Just begs the question, what is she trying to hide? In a hotel you could be much more discrete. Is she having an affair and doesn’t want the company to know? It’s a very strange request. She should just live with the receipt as is.


Not only should she, she must. I don’t believ the host wishes to be accessory to her attempt to defraud the company, even if she does it unnecessarily.

As everyone has said, the company won’t care if it says 2.

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Let us know how this plays out!

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You cannot help her here, she should contact AirBnB, because she made the purchase with them.

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