Custom notifications?

I’m trying to create reminders that will send me a text message the night before a new check-in so I can send them a welcome email with the door code and check-in instructions. How can I do this? I’m guessing I need to sync with a 3rd party calendar software and have that software send the alerts.

Just enter the self check in information in your listing and Airbnb sends it a few days before check in.

I want to be able to send a custom email to each guest, with their custom key code the day before.

It would be a really nice feature for Air to add, to give us reminders for a customizable number of days before a guest arrives. I always get the reminder emails from them like a week before guests arrive, which is way too far in advance to send door codes and things.

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There’s gotta be a way to do it already with a 3rd party calendar tool. I can write a script to do it, but figured there was already something done.

Then just set a reminder on your calendar to do so.

Or I am sure one of the Airbnb management software companies has this as one of their functions.

Have you had a look?

You might want to take a look at SmartBnB.

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I’d definitely recommend to checkout integromat. (Can’t post links sorry) this is D best entry level automation platform where you connect almost every productivity tool and build up a receipt that is customized to your need. It’s far more advanced than some of the commercial services out there and it’s free you’ll barely hit the paid wall for personal usage.

If reading a few pages of documentation is not so much out of comfort zone, I’d highly recommend it.

Not affiliated to the product but use it personally.

AirGMS can help you with that. With the help of our software, you can write your check-in/checkout instructions and convert them to template form. Then you can send this template at specific dates/times e.g. at check-in, during the stay, or when checking out at exactly the day and time you chose.