Credit when it's due....literally

Well, here’s a story worth sharing as a message of hope. I had a first-timer book one night (I usually have a minimum of two but it’s slow right now). He booked for two guests and said two more might come. All good – we discussed he extra $5/night p/person above two. The fourth arrives later in the evening and so send a change request that morning. He doesn’t accept it. The guest checks out (my husband was on site, I was not) so I delete the change request and send a request for funds through the resolution center. A day, then part of the next day go by, he leaves us a review, but still no additional funds. Yeah, it’s $10, not much, but it’s the principle of it. So I contact Airbnb help through Twitter, DM. Got quick response back and bang! They try and contact him, said he wasn’t picking up but that they would just go ahead and put the money in our account and get it from him later. Whuuuut?

The CSR agent said, thanks for recognizing he’s a new customer and he’s probably not skilled at using Airbnb so we’ll just put the money in your account and call it a day. My response was “he still needs to take responsibility for this…” and she assured him she was skilled in “educating” newbies. I shrugged and at that point was happy to move on to something bigger.

So far I’ve contacted Airbnb service maybe three times and each time got what I needed pretty fast. I hope my streak continues, but I know from reading these posts that’s NOT true for others.


I read on the reddit AMA that agents have some discretionary cash to play with in helping resolve cases. Probably they thought it was worth the $10 to keep you happy. Maybe they deducted it from his account?

@konacoconutz She wouldn’t elaborate on what happened next, I did ask, and her reply was we appreciate you and want to make you whole. Given their focus on making guests happy, maybe they just wrote it off this time? As a “goodwill” payment it’s relatively cheap. :woman_shrugging:

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