Create Beautiful Local Maps for your Guests

As a host I make a guide to local cafes, bars and restaurants for my guests. I created a small tool that let’s me add locations and info about my favorite spots and then print one out each time I have a guest staying.

Would anyone find this useful if I turned this into a tool and released it on the web? If so I would gladly put some work into it and make it public!

Love to see what you have done! Android or apple?

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Cool! It would be a simple web app which you could access on either apple or android.

If you’re interested in hearing updates, I would love for you to subscribe to a mailing list I just set up (I’ll only send an email when I create something). I would love to have folks to test it out and give me feedback once it’s created!

mailing list:

That sounds great. All I can do currently is print out a google map and mark in with numbers the local attractions/cafes etc and then list them. It is not in a tourist area so nothing available to just use. My handwriting is terrible so it looks rubbish. I’d love a tool like this.


I can test it out for you :slight_smile:

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I would love it!! One thing though, I don’t feel comfortable signing up on a mailing list when I have no idea who you are and you are brand new here. Sorry.

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Completely fair, in that case I’ll try and remember to post back on this thread when it’s ready :slight_smile: !!

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Following for updates…

Me too…