Craziest discount

What’s the craziest discount or favor a guest or guest to be asked you?
I just got this one yesterday?
Please let me know what you guys would have replied to this. and don’t be shy!
PS: Please do keep in mind that normal rent average in my area is anywhere between $2500 to $3000.
PS2: The guest has a couple of very bad reviews showing that he negotiates and get huge discounts, trashing the place and bring extra guests to stay over without permission to avoid the extra guest fee.
Here goes nothing:

"!Hello. My grandma is from Japan. You seem like a open minded and helpful person. I’ve been offered by many Japanese people in the area to stay for 1 month discount for $850. Because you make more money foe this low season month overall. I like your place and would choose to stay at yours if you could make a similar special month offer. Can you match the other people in Japan in this same area for a month? If so I can send you money today. "

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Had a lovely young lady from nearby city who wanted to rent my 2BR condo for 2 weeks, staying ALONE. She was also a host and offered to provide Coaching for boxing day style discount.

She knew I was new to hosting and my calendar was wide open. She got a 40% discount and taught me 1.) use ikea lint roller instead of washing sheets if not too dirty 2.) jack up rates in summer 3.) dont accept young people (like her) 4.) find cheap $15 per hour cleaners from Craigslist… and few other Invaluable tips.

I didnt even check her past stay reviews until I wrote hers (she was great I gave her *5). I found out that another host from my city reported her to Airbnb for having multiple SIM cards lying around indicating ‘fraud’ activity, and stolen books. I never even asked her about work because airbnb host status was credible enough.

attractive early 20s female without school/job profile
2~3 weeks ‘Business Trip’ to my city every few months
only rents 2BR and stays Alone
Condo buzzer setup request

hmmmmm… what was she REALLY doing in my condo…maybe an Amway Distributor…


Had a fitness guru gal from Australia want to rent my place for under $30 including everything, and in exchange, she would blast me on Twitter because she has 70,000 “followers.”


I would decline as quick as I can. I want to make sure my time on Airbnb is worthwhile, so I wouldn’t volunteer any kind of further explanation.

“Craiglist professional”.


My reply would have been:
That’s great you got such a good deal, especially with your terrible reviews. I hope you’ll be better behaved this trip or Airbnb might ban you. Have a lovely trip and then send a ‘decline’.


Lol! Who needs 70000 bookings anyways. I just need 3 or 4 a month with some nice breaks in between and I’m happy!

"You may want to stay at my place, but why would I choose you as a guest?

Really - you have offered me a quarter of what my place is worth and you have terrible previous reviews for trashing the place and bringing in guests you haven’t paid for".


Well, I guess she gets five stars for chutzpah! My answer would be short and sweet: “Sorry, but no.”



Please, @vancouverhost, tell us all that you didn’t take the advice to use a lint roller instead of washing the sheets if you think you can get away with it.


I know of another host who does the same. I was shocked beyond words!


I lint rolled duvet covers if used for less than a week and didnt smell. Not hosting anymore due to city regulation. Total four beds in my condo.

Fitted,flat,pillow,sham linens are always fresh and clean.

Sorry (see the famous duvet thread) but that’s disgusting.

Anything that comes into contact with a sleeping guest - drool, bodily fluids, sweat (and worse) - should be laundered after every guest. Even one nighters.


Can you provide a link to the famous duvet thread?

With pleasure :slight_smile:


That is funny!

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Absolutely! That is my question. Always give clean sheets, mattress cover, pillowcases, dust ruffle and comforter. I would want the same treatment if I were a traveler.

My 3b2b pet friendly (with fee) cottage goes for around $2500 plus tax, pet fee, damage deposit and service fees, etc. per week for the time period in question. Some sort of “pga golf pro” offers me $1200 “all in” for him, his wife and daughter and 2 dogs. He was coming to do some “work” on the island. Mind you, the greens fees are from $200 to $400 per round. The only times I have played on the island was when my guest manager-inspector who is also a part time golf resort employee got me on the $200 course as his guest for ~$40. I respectfully declined (to pay for this guy to play golf).

I automatically deny guests that ask for discounts, ask to change my rules or complain before they are even booked.


Let me just start by saying San Francisco in Summer is beyond “High Season” we have tourists, conferences, and many many large tech companies that allow their employees to come to SF for 3+ weeks in the summer to work from the “SF” office. Of course the company pays whatever price, so rates are beyond inflated. In May we start getting inquiries for 30 day rentals, for insert reason why they need a discount. I know this is absurd but our monthly rate in the summer is 20K per month. The Craziest discount I have been asked to consider is 3k for the month. The reasoning was something along the lines of they couldn’t fine something in a ‘good, safe’ neighborhood for 3k, and would I find it in my heart to help them out.