COVID regulations here but Guests think its all a game

So I have a few properties in a particular state where COVID measures has been taken very seriously. The residents of this state agree that these are necessary practices to keep everyone safe and to prevent the shut down of our state economy again. Masks are not required outdoors but all establishments still require a mask to be worn. Additionally, cases are rising with the influx of tourist coming in. I have had many guests from states where masks are not required anymore and they seem to have trouble remembering to follow the guidelines outside of the property. It has been such a battle trying to stay cordial with tourist who are not following the steps to keep our residents safe.

Once, tourists off-board the plane and pass through the heightened security process they leave behind all worries and precautions they may have held prior to their vacation. As a host and resident I feel it is my responsibility to help my guests abide by the rules of our state but they all seem sick and tired of hearing about keeping each other safe. My main concern is that our business will have to take another long break because of a lockdown situation.

Has anyone else been experiencing these issues? What are some of the friendly ways you have discussed theses issues with your guests?


@SamWong it;s OK to say Hawai’i here. We’re multi-national so “state” (unspecified) can mean many things.

I think we’re all, in one way or another, experiencing the “entitled” guests who either don’t want to follow our rules, or the rules in our community for Covid.

All you can really do, other than vent, is strictly enforce YOUR rules on YOUR property, regardless of what state or local rules are. Either that or voluntarily shut down again. I know Hawai’i and most Hawai’ians depend on tourism. but “needs must” as they say.

AT least Hawai’i is trying… Here in Florida, our governor seems determined to kill off his voters so long as he and his business buddies can rake in the dough. We have the worst infection rate in the country and he won’t officially do anything. The smart people here are doing what is necessary rather than what some political hack tells us.

Stay safe and healthy!

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Mask wearing and other precautions became a habit during lockdown. Then we re-opened and developed new habits in our respective locations. Fortunately I am in a non-surge area (at least today) with only a few types of businesses and activities requiring/recommending masking,etc. Now that I have these new habits, I frequently forget and hastily dig my mask out of my purse to comply. I am vaccinated, have a public health degree, and honor all the evolving science. I think we are dealing with two types of people - those like myself who need to adjust habits as they travel and those who truly treat the whole pandemic lightly and see precautions as some incursion on their rights. The later category is tough. All you can do is make the rules in your community and home clear. I think that enforcing your home rules is as far as you can go with some guests. Protect yourself and your family!


During Covid we started adding a few amenities to help guests remember we are in a pandemic: little hand sanitizers, wipes, as well as a letter outlining the Covid changes to rules in our area and a list of open carry out restaurants with menus. Since we are in Florida all those rules have gone away. We no longer leave a letter as it would be “No Rules! Welcome to the Purge!”

Perhaps you could offer some Hawaiian print masks with a letter outlining what the rules are in your state, for those who didn’t look it up before they came…

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I leave a note with the latest local situation and rules. And individually wrapped paper masks for the guests.


Sam, I meet all my guests and I am masked. Similar to you I imagine, all my guests arrive via international flights and are thrilled to be here, leaving behind their worries and reality while they visit what they consider their ‘Disneyland’.

I reopened 12/1/20 and since then, all guests have been respectful of the situation and arrive with masks in hand which is appreciated. I don’t feel that I am responsible of educating the masses, but I would attempt it at a couple at a time, but as said all my guests have been responsible.

Beyond the intital seconds of us meeting, the discussion quickly shifts to the outside ‘beach shower’, the lock code and best hike, beach, happy hour, etc… LOL

Are you meeting guests who refuse to mask? I’m trying to get a grasp on what issues you are experiencing.

Another shutdown would be tough and that’s my concern.

Are all your guests American?

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We include a lengthy set of COVID rules in our listing (and referenced in the first sentence of our description). I think it scares away people who think COVID is a joke, and pulls in people who are serious about safety and looking for assurances that the host shares their mindset. After they book and the system allows us to send a jpg, we send then the poster below, which is also on the wall in the guest suite.

We have a separate, much stricter set of rules for guests staying here on a government-mandated self-quarantine.

No. But then again we’re in Spain and masks (when outside your house) were compulsory, by law, until a month or so ago. They are still compulsory in enclosed spaces, such as shops, shopping centres, restaurants and bars etc. You can take it off to eat or drink, but must put it back on when you leave your table.

Guests so far have been totally respectful in wearing masks at check in/out, or if they need to speak to us.

We have a sign, on the inside of the main entrance, telling guests to “remember your mask”. It’s in Spanish, English, French and German.

Even though the “mask law” expired, most folks here are still wearing them. Anyone working in a public facing environment always wear them.


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