COVID cleaning guide in spanish?

I have searched online and cannot seem to find a way to get a COVID cleaning guide in spanish for hosts. Does anyone have one that I can use? My housekeeper speaks some English but I want to make sure 100000000% she understands exactly what needs to be done and my spanish is that of a kindergartner. Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Here is the Airbnb Community Center in Spanish:
If you sign in to your account, then go to the regular CC, you’ll be signed in, then you can put this UR in the browser bar and it will switch you over to the Spanish site. Your cleaner(assuming she’s literate) will have to then do a search there for the COVID cleaning guidelines.

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Omg! My translator app literally changes the words on the screen using the camera. So crazy! I had no idea!

I’ve found that sometimes the translator app isn’t perfect. One thing you might consider is to tranlate on the app and then send it to a translator on For $7 you can have it proofread and make sure that it makes fluent sense.

Si no se mueve, límpielo. Si se mueve, espere hasta que deje de moverse, luego límpielo.

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