Cover photo size

Hello all,

whats the best size one should have for their cover photo on airbnb?

I took a very nice photo, but when I came to upload it half of the photo doesnt show…

Can someone help me out? My timeline (main photo) doesn’t show right as it seems to be the wrong resolution… When you click on the photo to view it full size all looks OK. I would like to know how to get the correct size /resolution so that the photo fits in perfectly as it currently doesn’t look very professional…


Hi @tumasgts, can you upload a screenshot of your listing here so we can see what you mean and we can help you. Or place the link of your listing here. You can private message me if you’re not comfortable making it public.

thanks @littlehost just PM’d you

It’s important that you take your Airbnb photos in landscape orientation rather than portrait. If you try to use a portrait oriented photo, you’re indeed going to loose a lot of it.

This is a landscape photo. when viewing on a mobile device it appears OK, however when viewing on a desktop PC it looks like so:

what is the size of your photo?