Couchbed pros and cons

Anyone out there have a Couched? Would love to know how it’s working for you and your guests?

I had a sofa bed that lasted less than a year! If people sit on the edge of the bed, it distorts the metal frame. The metal is usually very light so it doesn’t hold up to wear and tear.

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We had a recent thread on this and the consensus seemed to be that wall beds are best.

I saw that thread but can’t afford a Murphy bed so I’m looking for the next best thing.

If you have Ikea near you, there’s a pretty good sofa that converts really easily into a bed that I swear 70% of listings in my area have that couch. It’s called Friheten and is pretty inexpensive. I’ve owned one and with a topper, it can be very comfortable. (Better than any click-clacks we’ve had or traditional pull-outs with the thin mattresses).

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We have an ikea futon/couch that folds out that is super comfy. We use it sometimes when we have big groups. Never had any complaints about it whatsoever.

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We have a West Elm sofa bed that’s holding up really well and people tell us it’s pretty comfortable (we did add a topper). We just purchased a “klik-klak” type sofa bed for our second unit that we haven’t listed yet. Not sure how it will hold up but are hopeful. I liked the way it looked and it seems comfortable as a couch.

I have the Ikea Friheten in my listing. Still as new after 3 years and not a single complaint. I love the versatility it provides and its sturdy as the frame is solid wood.

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Have you tried looking for a used one?
Almost all furniture I have in my listings has been bought used.

All my beds have been bought used, I bought some new mattresses for them, and in some cases only a new topper mattress. And my guests are very happy with them.

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As I understand it you are asking about this specific product, CouchBed, not all sorts of sofa beds and other products that would serve the same function. I had previously looked at this product for my personal study. While it looks funky and comfortable I decided I didn’t like the idea that it sits directly on the floor.

Thinking about something like that as a guest bed I would only use something like that for a guest room designed for kids or a lower end budget listing. I believe you can get a new klik klak futon or similar, even online delivered to your door for a similar price and it would be more suitable for an airbnb.