Cost per no of people rather than whole property

Hello, we are finalising an extension of our barn conversion offering 3 double bedrooms with en suites. In order to offer still reasonable rates if only two people want to book we have a minimum price for two and then an additional price for each person above two.

I‘m planning to put the following paragon the house rules:

„For up to two people one bedroom of their choice will be prepared. For 3 or 4 people two bedrooms of their choice will be prepared. Unprepared bedrooms are not available for use.“

Does anyone have anything similar?

I think that will get complicated fast. I would have 3 listings for the same physical address, and charge per room. Most of the verbage can be copied from one listing to another. Each listing then says “2 people” and tells potential guests they can book 1, 2 or 3 bedrooms at $X per night, depending on availability (maybe offer a slight discount for booking 2 or 3 rooms at once).

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How are they going to get their choice ahead of time? They are likely going to have lots of questions and even then might not give their answer until it is inconvenient for you to prepare that particular room.

It‘s pretty straightforward - the largest room with queennsize bed is upstairs. Downstairs is a room with a double and another with two singles. Once work is finished I will have pictures up of each.

I agree hence my question. Am just not sure 3 listings will simplify things…

You have to have three linked listings for this to work @Ina-Maria If they want all three you can send them a special offer and block out all three.

Hmm - this won’t work as it might mean that unconnected guests have to share a common space and kitchen.

I suspect I will end up just having one price for tThe whole house.

I tried directing 2 guests into either the double “seaview room” or twin “chicken view room” but even if just two friends one wants the sea view room. Sometimes a couple will stay there and one of the single beds will still get used. The only way to enforce it would be to have locks on the doors which doesn’t seem unreasonable but too much trouble for me. Or list separately and charge by the room rather than the person.

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Thanks, James, Interesting. We will have locks so perhaps that‘s the way to go. To wash 12 towels and 4 sets of bedding for potentially only two people staying isn‘t sustainable.

It will be better to make 2 or 3 listings with linked calendars, and this without a choice of the room. For the one room listing (and two room listing) you yourself choose the room that is always prepared. This must always be the same room so the pictures you show are the ones from the room.

More importantly, think about how to physically block / close off the rooms they did not pay for. If you don’t do this, one partner will start snoring, and the other partner will go and lay down on the bed that wasn’t prepared. If you just don’t permit access to the other rooms, you will also have a less to clean.


If you synch the calendars only one group can book the house at a time.

GutHend’s idea works best if you’d like them to make the room selection at booking.

I think this is going to get even messier when guests don’t want to sleep in the arrangements you expect (4 people could be couples - no problem. But a couple traveling with a child and Auntie? - they’ll probably want 3 bedrooms). I’d just keep it simple and have one whole house listing, then settle what rooms to make up once the reservation is confirmed. I’d dispense with a per person charge and go to a per room charge, then modify the reservation after the fact once you get the room count sorted.

Hi Allison, I don‘t seem to have the option to state a price per room, just a base price and the ability to set an additional charge per person above 2?

What happens if there are four people who dont wish to share beds?

You can set an additional price per person over one. That’s what I do.

Would just list it and price it to be a private 3 bedroom place. People will pay a premium to have a private space. Market it toward groups of 4-6. Why turn away full occupancy when your calendar can get screwed up with a 2 person booking.

I think that the replies so far will have convinced the OP that the experienced hosts here that there are easier ways than the original suggestion.

But just as important, @Ina-Maria has to consider the market she’s in. Couples who are travelling rarely book whole houses with space they’re not going to need or not be able to use, unless there’s almost no other accommodation in the area.

It’s a lot easier for the host to price the property for 6 people (or whatever the maximum is and give discounts for smaller groups or couples who enquire.

P.S. Why would you leave a dozen towels for two people? It all sounds far too confusing and complicated. Keep things simple.

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