Copy and pasted link shows old photos

I initially had a photo of a room that wasn’t correct. I listed it with that photo but have since changed the photo. The correct room photo is on my listing but when I copy and past the web address, the old photo is shown. It hasn’t changed. It’s been a few days and it isn’t updating with the accurate photo. Any ideas why or how I can fix this?

If you’re using a computer rather than the app, refresh your browser.

I did that. I restarted the computer as well. No difference. I had my daughter copy and paste the listing onto her Facebook. Same result. Old photo.

So it’s okay when you type in the URL but not when you copy and paste?

I haven’t tried tying it in…

Just tried typing it in, no go. Still old pic. I’m thinking that I may need to remove the listing and re-ist. This one has me stumped!

Have you tried re-uploading the photograph? It sounds as though only a call to Airbnb can fix this problem.

I have and I will. Thanks for your input!

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Hi, I have the same problem - outdated listing title and photos - designed for summer but not useful in November. Were you able to resolve the issue and, if so, how?