Converting to gas fireplace at our ABB

hello Airbnbers -
I’m getting a general consensus from those who went through the same experience of converting their wood fireplace to gas fireplace. the cost ia around 3-4K plus the cost of gas use every time a guest uses it. not knowing for how long they will use it.

My question to those who went through this : Are you happy you did ? did it add to your overall, better reviews maybe? have you raised your rate as a result ? or is it not worth it because guests used it so much costing you so much in gas bills ? just share your experience please and thank you in advance :slight_smile:

I have a wood fireplace with candles in it, mostly because I don’t want to clean the fireplace (ever!) and also because of the added fire danger. In almost two years of hosting, I have had zero remarks about not being able to have a real fire.