Convertible Sofa Vs Sofa Bed

My husband and I are in the process of furnishing a 2/2 condo in mexico and would appreciate any tips you can give us. Our main question is…to add extra sleeping capacity, what would renters like more, a convertible sofa or a pull put sofa bed? And which would hold up better over time?

What is the difference between the two? Sofa beds can be the worst of all worlds, not comfortable as a sofa or a bed. What would be the main use? Is it for a single or couple? What about a daybed with a trundle underneath?

Personally I prefer wall beds for adding extra sleeping capacity.
You can even get them with a sofa attached, and the comfort is much better than a sleeping sofa.

If I had the money I would buy something like this:

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We are renting out a private 2/2. The sofa bed will be in the living room so it will need to provide seating during the day. I dont think a trundle bed would work for us but we may consider a wall bed w a couch attached. I didn’t know this existed.

A convertible sofa is similar to a futon, the backrest lays flat to turn the sofa into a bed. A sofa bed has a bed hidden inside the sofa that is pulled out at night.

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My mother has a regular wall bed in her home office for guests. It’s very quick and she’s had years of trouble free service. There’s a gap at the head, so it’s nice to put a bolster there.

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Just a warning it only took one ski season for my $3k couch with a pull out bed to get broken beyond repair :roll_eyes: (I bought the condo furnished, I would never spend that much on furniture).
We decided we really don’t want that many people in our condo anyway, so we are not replacing it. If we did I would get the kind of couch where a trundle bed pulls out.

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We wanted to add a bed to living area in our Airbnb apartment last year. Agree sofa with pull-out bed is poor choice. Not comfortable as either couch or bed. We ended up using high quality trundle bed which has double bed on top (that turns into nice, small couch during the day) and extra-tall (XT) twin that stows away under the double bed during the day. We were able to increase our newbie rates when we put in the trundle and got more small family bookings along with our single and 2-person bookings (we have a king bed in separate bedroom in the apartment). Also we charge small additional $10 fee if guest party uses the third XL twin bed. Word of caution: make sure you want to serve small families if you add 2 more beds. If you provide more beds, the small families will come. And they are more work (more linens, more utilities, a bit more cleaning). Be sure to adjust rates. In our case, adding the trundle bed has worked well. Compared to last summer, we have more days booked (only 2 orphan days versus 11 last summer) and revenue/projected revenue up 46% over last summer. Most of the increase driven by more families staying with us made possible by adding the daybed/trundle beds (double and xl twin). Not for everyone but it worked for us.

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Do you by any chance have a picture you can post? We’ve been looking for a couch with a trundle but all the ones we can find look like beds.Thanks

Ann Drais–

This picture really doesn’t do the trundle bed justice, as it certainly looks like a bed here. However, my dear spouse has several large “couch-type” pillows and a bolster that fit across the back of the double bed (none of these pictured here) that really make it look like a couch during the day.

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