Contacting the guest when they leave tour house a total

I totally called my guest tonight after they left. The house totally smelled like cooking oil, the sink was totally disgusting covered with dried bits of good, the cooktop … OMG! They didn’t lock the bottom lock on the front door and left the patio light on … need I go on!!!

I called and told him about everything and let him know that this wasn’t cool. I tried not to be too rude or parental. Was a totally wrong to do that?

Also, should I charge in the future for things that aren’t done???

How very irritating to walk in on someone else’s mess! Unfortunately, this is very standard behavior for a lot of people who rent vacation homes. They just don’t care because they feel it’s not their responsibility to clean up after themselves.

However, if you specify that part of the rental agreement includes leaving the premises in the same condition as it was found, then you have grounds to complain and to charge them for cleaning.

Also, everyone has a different definition of what constitutes “clean”. These people may very well have been total slobs in their own home.

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Thanks for replying first, @J_Wang - I was very intersted in seeing what other hosts would say.

@Lisa_Martin_LE - I agree with @J_Wang - this is irritating but it’s not unusual. Some guests will leave your place so clean you will wonder if they stayed there. Most will not. A few will do as you described.

I would not have called them.

Please do review them accurately!!

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You can’t charge for “things undone” except possibly with a Deposit; or a higher cleaning fee.

Writ an appropriately bad review.

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I do leave a list for them in black and white, but still they don’t fully comply. We can charge them extra? It took me an extra 75 mins to turn my condo.

I wouldn’t charge them extra. I would definitely leave an honest review so that they’ll pay in terms of their credibility to other hosts.

I would also make sure you set your cleaning charge according to the time and effort it would take if it were left moderately dirty. By doing this you’ll find that things will balance out. You’ll have a slob here and there and work harder, but then you’ll have some neat and tidy types.

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Exactly - the longer we host, the easier it is to see the big picture - sometimes a guest does 5 loads of laundry - sometimes none. Sometimes they cook a lot, leave a mess, and it smells off for a few days, usually no one cooks at all. Sometimes they lose keys, sometimes they bring chocolate. ; )


That’s a very good way to put it.

It’s better to contact via air message, then there is a record.

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Hi everyone.

I recently hosted three guests who not only messed up my apartment and did not adhere to my house rules, they damaged a brand new dining table chair.

I requested AUD79 from the guest for the damaged chair, he refused to pay. So I involved Airbnb. Despite providing Airbnb with video, pics, sales invoice and other documentation proof, Airbnb took the side of the guest. Airbnb said the damage was “ordinary wear and tear” and the guest was not liable. They said their decision is final and cannot be overturned.

The security deposit does not protect you from theft or damage as Airbnb is clearly on the side of guests. Be careful.


The chair is brand new and shouldn’t be coming apart like that. Based on the pictures I’ve seen you’ve posted elsewhere, I don’t think this is a guest issue it’s a quality issue. Take your receipt and the chair back to the shop and get a refund.

This EXACT thing happened to me two days ago at a friends place. We were all sat at the table sharing a meal and suddenly the chair I was sat on gave way and kinda came apart. Turns out it had happened with the chair before and it was a manufacturing defect that they had said they would fix. I was sat on the new chair when it happened again.

Sorry this wasn’t your guests, it was the chair.

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We had a guest leave our blinds to our balcony down, and the balcony door open. This completely wrecked our blind slats. I popped them back into place, but the cord was broken. :frowning:

We tried to engage the guest, but he didn’t respond. We involved AirBNB, provided documentation and they gave us the cash for a replacement.


This is quite common - I had very good guest leave my house unlocked this week after checking out - (many are confused with my digital lock for some reason). If I had guests only leaving 1 light on, I would be happy. Many leave all lights on, especially when they are gone for the day.

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