Contacting Host without booking

Hello, there are times when I need to contact other hosts with questions. It is not fair to pretend I’m booking their place just to communicate with them.
Is there a fix to this problem?
**Thank you for all of the responses. The answer, I take it, is no.

That’s what this site is for – asking questions of fellow hosts.

If you’re trying to contact the listing down the street just walk there.

If it’s too far to walk, do an Inquiry. First sentence being “Hi I’m AirHost XXX from YYYYListing number.” If you don’t mind, I’ve got a question…"

I can’t think of any way to send messages between hosts.
If you send an inquiry, the host has to decline or pre-approve within 24hrs or it effects the hosts response time.

I’m contacted quite often by people offering various services and it’s extremely annoying. I can’t imagine why a host would want to get in touch with other hosts via the platform but unless it was something extremely advantageous to me, then I’d be annoyed.

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One time I contacted another host that a bad guest of mine also had booked to see if they had problems. It received a terse reply that smacked of annoyance. The platform is set up like that for a reason and I don’t expect it to change anytime soon.

I was contacted by a host who wanted to warn me about druggie guests he had just kicked out of his Airbnb. I appreciated that.


It would be pretty cool to be able to contact a potential guest’s previous hosts and ask about things not mentioned in the reviews. But unfortunately the app just isn’t built for that.

This is not true. You just respond to the inquiry without pre-approving or declining. We had a lond thread on this previously. I used to think the same thing.


You’ve never had a reason to contact another host, but I have. Hosts should be adult enough to respond to a legitimate question from another host without getting annoyed. My point is that it would be better to send an email rather than to pretend to book (which is annoying) to contact a host.

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Contact is fine - what’s not is that we have to respond to messages. The Airbnb system can’t differentiate between a legitimate request from a potential guest and a spammy message promoting cleaning services or similar. A busy host with several properties (or even a busy host with one property and a life!) doesn’t need advertising spam that must be replied to, thanks to the system.

You are correct @Mike_L, thanks. Tooo many changes going on. It appears you have to respond in any way within 24hrs, so replying to a message will remove the clock counting down. BUT I’m reading on another forum, If the guest then messages back “thanks” this triggers a new countdown and you have to reply again within 24hrs.

What are you trying to contact other hosts about? If you let us know, we can try and help with some suggestions?


I’ve had similar experiences of hosts not helping other hosts in the area. It saddens me. One personal told me that she was not going to help her competition.

I’ve contacted hosts in my beach community for several reasons, mostly sharing infor about:
-cleaning services,
-a good reliable handyman,
-dates of ball tournaments when our neighborhood will be in high demand (closest rentals to athletic fields)
-To help guest’s friends find lodging close by so they can carpool to the games
-someone who lives in the neighborhood (retiree) who can meet guests & help with small tasks (she makes a little money & we have eyes on site).
-HVAC replacement (all units built as same time, wearing out at same time).

I had a fabulous snowbird renter who wanted to stay longer but my unit was already booked. I arranged a rental with a neighbor.

Most of us do not live in our units and do not live close to the rental so knowing resources is important.

I’ve contacted them by a variety of methods:

  1. Leaving a note on their door.
  2. An inquiry through Airbnb. They send me a special offer which I do not accept & they are not declining a rental request.
  3. Connecting through a neighbor.

If they had not been close by my only option would be through Airbnb.

Hi, it was just a question about a cleaning service. I don’t typically contact hosts & never contact about Airbnb issues nor anything related to hosting… it’s a specific question to a specific host. Unless Airbnb changes things then there’s no fix to this. thanks, anyway.

I agree. That’s why I think it would be better to contact a host via email instead of the current way. I don’t think Airbnb wants hosts to communicate with each other. My guess.