COntacting help desk

I have been trying to find a right place to contact the help center, but it seems to be inactive. I can only use a search engine to type in related topics. When I choose the option “help center”, it takes me to “my reservation” where I can just contact with my previous hosts.

Hi @Hannes_Saarmets,

Using Twitter (AirbnbHelp) is an option. They can put you in touch with the relevant people. I believe Facebook is also an option, but I’ve not used that. I have used Twitter though, and they do reply there.

Like @faheem said, Twitter is the best option.

I’ve always had a great response when I’ve called them. There’s a topic here somewhere with all their phone numbers.

Ok thanks for this information. So there is no way I can send a text message via airbnb webpage? It used to be an option before

I think they removed the mail feature. Probably got inundated.

Sounds fair, although it would have been the most convenient way of communication. Just in case ask here. Is there any court of honour or something similar for airbnb, or what can be done with unfair negative comments. I specifically had a case where someone made an attempt to transfer me money without previously consulting. I was not in the town and had to say I was unable to offer hosting. Luckily, my bank account is inactive, so the transaction did not go through. The potential host was still upset and left me a negative comment. I cannot see it, because for this, I would have to write my own comment (I cannot see the point for this, because I have not even seen the person). Above all, I have not yet hosted anyone, so it is my first comment someone has left. Has anyone any recommendation how to act in this situation?

Hey @Hannes_Saarmets

Knowing that this is a problem for most of the people using Airbnb, we wrote a guide on how to send an email to Airbnb via the contact form (as this can be a very challenging task).

In order to reach the contact form hidden inside of the FAQ, you might need to go through some “trial and error”, as not every path will lead you there.

Sometimes you might end up in a dead end, in other cases to the resolution center, in others to an option to chat with an agent.

But if you really want to send an email, the solution is simple: just choose a different path (even unrelated to your query) until you find the contact form and send your enquiry… they will answer anyway.

Otherwise, as @faheem has and @Evelyn suggested, twitter is usually a very good option as they are quite responsive there (being a very public channel).

And if you prefer to call Airbnb, here you can find a list of all the phone numbers.