Considering taking pets (dogs only) in my listing? Need help on how to do this with IB

I know there are lots of threads on this, but many are older and I haven’t found exactly how to do this.

I have a 1 bed/private bath and charge anywhere from $60 to $75 a night. I also have a $10 cleaning fee. Guests pretty much have run of the house (kitchen/living room/dining room sun room/large deck and fenced back yard. I also have a dog door, but my dog passed away, so no dog living here anymore.)

I have IB turned on with nothing but air verifications needed. I don’t want to have to pre-approve guests (without dogs), first, b/c I have lots of last minute bookings due to this IB set up. Do I take the “not suitable for pets” off my listing? I want to pre-approve dogs first and have people send an inquiry in regards to dogs prior to instant booking. I do have some “dog rules”.

I also want to charge extra for pets (dogs, no cats), but how much? And do people charge a flat fee, or a nightly fee? I live in a very dog friendly community, so I think this will help my bookings as things slow down in the winter.

I just learned that I can cancel a guest within 24 hours of booking without penalty.

But how do I make sure that people are not booking without pre-approving their dog, or even letting me know that they have one? I know I could put something about this in house rules, and at top of the description, but no one, I’m pretty sure of this for other house quirks that people are not aware of when they arrive (no flushing of anything but toilet paper, e.g.)

Plus we do have a cat (mostly outdoors), I need to be sure the dog would not terrorize the cat! So many things to consider before allowing a dog.

I know this is a lot of questions, but I need to know of all the pitfalls before I start allowing…If I start allowing. Thanks!

Thanks. This is helpful. I like option #2 as well. I notice here that airbnb does not say 24 hours penalty free cancellation here:
So I assume I have more time than 24 hours?

If a guest instant books, in my “thanks for booking with us” info air message that I send (within an hour), do I ask them if they are traveling with a pet, if they don’t mention it in their message that they send on booking? You know the message that you get, “Hi, I’m so and so and I’m coming to do some hiking”. My question is, do I ask everyone immediately if they have a pet/dog if they don’t mention it after they instant book? It seems that would get annoying to all those who don’t have a pet.

Many people don’t reply to my initial message, until much closer to their booking. So do I have to start texting them to see if they are traveling with their pet? Or do you find most people mention this from the get go…I don’t know, I guess I will just have to feel it out and see if it works for me, but I do see a learning curve and some pit falls coming up, as a result.

I’m just trying to figure out the logistics. I hope all this is making sense.

I am an in-home host and work from home so I can keep an eye on things, but I don’t want someone showing up with four dogs and I’m not even set up for the dog(s) because I have no prior knowledge.

And what to charge for my space, which is large with all the common areas? I’m thinking $20-25 per night…

OK, thank you @KKC I think I’ll give it a whirl!

If anyone else who allows pets wants to chime in with advice on all of this, and experience (good and bad), I’d love to hear it. I’m nervous but this is a big dog loving town with lot’s of great places to hike and walk. My 8’ foot fenced yard is a plus…we’ll see. Advice on what to put in house rules and listing description would be great!

Off topic… but I did a double-take when I read your headline - I read it as you were only taking dogs (therefore no humans) and I thought Wow, she’s had a bad day…giving up the people in favor of the four-legged friends. Sometimes that could be preferable :smile:


I would split the listing into 2:

  • IB with no pets allowed
  • Inquire first for ‘offering pets allowed’. Add the pet fee for 1 pet into the nightly fee.

Then link the calendar so you won’t get double bookings.

Lol, not a bad Call! But no, I’m not having a bad day, so I’m still allowing the humans’

Interesting idea! How do I avoid getting double booked?

Great idea.

Also state in the IB listing that dogs live on the premises so that you don’t get people expecting dog-free accommodations booking your space.

I don’t know if I would state this as when they book IB, there will not be dogs here? I just rent one private room/bath in my home so there would not be other guests with dogs? Are you speaking from an allergy perspective?

Yes. You could phrase it however you want, but if someone has dog allergies they should be aware that dogs have previously stayed in the room. If the home isn’t carpeted then it may not be that much of an issue.

I see. Well, I will have strict rules about no dogs on furniture, will provide dog beds, and no, we are mostly hardwood and tile, and no carpet in guest quarters at all. But point taken, as allergens will still exist especially if guests have an acute allergy.

Forgot to type the word: link
(Link the calendars)

thanks @AlexSJ. I suppose I could have figured out that piece but have never been in the situation of having two listings!