Considering listing airbnb property on Tripadvisor (Australia)

Hi everyone,

I’ve had my holiday home/farm stay listed with Airbnb since July last year and relatively happy with progress, I am considering listing on Tripadvisor also and just wondered what other people thought…opinion seems to be quite divided…especially keen to hear from other properties in Australia. Any advice would be brilliant thanks


Four properties in northern NSW, going on 3 years. I have reviews on trip advisor, never a single booking. I understand their fees are fairly high.

HI Deb, thanks so much for replying, if you don’t mind me asking do you just use Airbnb? I understand the calendars are difficult to sinc also

Nope - and home away as well as a local agent
I manage the calendars manually as I have had them fail and a double booking for the busiest time of year

Hi Sarah,
I am in Perth and I’m on Tripadvisor, Homeaway (formerly Stayz) and Airbnb. This past year I have not gotten anything from Tripadvisor at all… not sure why, my listings seem to be there when I do a search. The bookings I did get from them in the beginning where mostly overseas visitors. About 90% of my business is now Airbnb.
I update my own calendars because I’m on instant book with Airbnb and I don’t trust the sync enough to use it. Only takes a minute.

Thanks so much Patti that’s really interesting…I thought I would investigate tripadvisor as 90% of my guests are domestic but I think my place has a lot of features that overseas guests would like so might investigate more…agree with calendars, I have had a near miss before so I’m trying to get in the habit of checking more often

I’m in the UK, so not a particularly good comparison. That said, I’ve been on Trip for nearly two years and have had only two bookings from them that I accepted, both disasters. I’ve had a few enquiries that I’ve declined, from people who have immediately raised red flags one way or another.

I use Lodgify for syncing my calendars, and have not had a problem as yet.

Thanks Joan, still good to know…guess I am keen to attract more international guests, maybe i need to persevere with

I only get a few requests each year from Trip Advisor and they are usually for dates that everyone wants, such as an event. It works for me to fill those dates with Trip Advisor bookings because then I’m not dinged on value by Airbnb guests.

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Interesting, is it a pain to set up the tripadvisor profile? I need to investigate payout also, I’ve avoided getting a credit card processing thingy so far

I’ve had 1 booking in Australia on TA in 3 years, from the US. i use it myself when travelling for reviews of hotels but then book direct with the hotels I like. It doesn’t look like AirBnB type properties feature much. Mine is a separate self contained guest suite so like a self contained apartment or hotel suite but much cheaper. I am mostly on AirBnB and get most of my bookings through them. If you are in Australia Homeaway, which used to be Stayz, has a much improved website. I also get bookings through DogsonHolidays which is a Victoria Tourism website i pay a yearly amount to (about $90) and then people book direct. I get a few booking per year from that. Also which is an Aussie outfit for (you guessed) people wanting places that accept dogs. I don’t recommend BDC, few bookings and most cancel. I’m no longer on it though it is good for seeing what nearby hotels/motels/B&Bs charge. Good luck!

I set mine up about 4 years ago so I don’t really remember the details but I think it was a fairly simple process and they pay into your PayPal account.

Sound like Airbnb have a monopoly. Very worrying putting all your eggs in one basket :frowning:

I loathe the guests I get from, most of them have been entitled critical pitas!