Conservative column attacks Airbnb & DC hosts for gouging Trump supporters

Anyone see this?

That is some hyperbole there: “a creature of the hyper-liberal culture”. Dark times. Actually, that website “news” is so biased it’s like a self-parody. If the kind of people who read this and believe it and decide not to use Airbnb, it’s a good thing I think.

It’s just so ironic when Trump is an unabashed capitalist & his supporters are all about the “free market” and “no regulations!” yet this column is calling for some kind of intervention & regulation to bring down AirBNB prices for “everyday Americans”. Just book the cheaper hotel if there are so many of them!


Yes, hello. It’s called supply and demand.

Agreed. I stop following The Hill. It is sensational on both sides, frankly.

I don’t know that. I will unfollow them as well. You and I share a number of authoritative sites, Cats. We have all the best breaking news sites, and thanks for sharing. Reich is my favorite. Reich for President!

Ridiculous piece that is so full of it that I hardly know where to start.

  • Sloppy comparisons of entire homes ($1000) to single hotel rooms ($400)
  • ignoring hotels that are also asking many times their normal rate
  • ignoring the free market as the gougers aren’t getting booked
  • speculating based on no evidence that hotels are posing as home owners
  • no indication that he’s aware of the Women’s March and other events occurring on the same weekend

It’s just a tortured effort to attack airbnb. I’m surprised he didn’t point out that not all airbnbs offer breakfast.


or (gasp) an electric kettle!!

Comforters versus duvet?

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How much is Trump’s hotel gouging?

I think it’s all booked up with foreign lobbyists. I think they got “the art of the deal.”




One more time…


And his facts are crap. As I said, the Homewood Suites sold out selling rooms for $609 - only 1 queen bed.