Connecting with Vancouver Airbnb Hosts

Wanting to connect with other Airbnb hosts in Vancouver Re new proposed regulations by City of Vancouver

A: The city is putting secondary suite Airbnb’s out of business. B: Airbnb is doing NOTHING to assist hosts of such suites. Three possibilities: 1) Ignore the city and carry on until they warn/fine you. 2) Find a surrogate “host” i.e. daughter or son who will “rent” from you and host as if it’s their suite. This is a loophole you can drive a truck through! 80% of secondary suites in Vancouver are illegal and uninspected. Whether the owners pay income tax on the rent is moot since the city doesn’t care. I think it’s best to stay as far as possible from the city regulators, so will probably de-list (option 3) You can see how few comments there are on this site. Do the hosts care? Does Airbnb care?