Connecting Airbnb Host with Artist

How would my fellow hosts feel about connecting with urban street artists to display unique artwork for sell?.. I know several artists looking to work with hosts!


This has been discussed several times on here before @RalphAveApt - why not use the search function to look up the threads.

If I want to buy art I already know how to connect with artists as the vast majority sell online/in local galleries.

Are you looking to connect these artists for free or are you looking to set up a business and get paid a commission or fee?


I am not interested for my airbnb. The reason is the art pieces can get destroyed, splattered, smushed by guests so I don’t want to pay a pretty penny for items that could get destroyed. I buy from local artists - which I know where to find them - for myself of as a gift to friends.

For my airbnbs thrift stores, where everything is a few bucks, works well enough for me. Alternatively I go to estate sales in high end areas after 1pm when everything is 50% off and I even bargain. I can score good deal at a steal prices.


This is a cool idea! I’m also curious as @Helsi about how you’re setting this up, if it’s a business or not and how.

I’m not personally interested as I have made a point of buying art from artists who stay at our place. Filling the halls with guest art, but as a personal collection only. I wouldn’t want to have to oversee the selling of pieces but do have cards from artists I’ve displayed in case someone asks, but only then, just to make the connection for the artist. I’m not interested in actively having a gallery ,)

So glad I don’t get your guests!

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I’m not saying that all my guests destroy things but accidents happen, especially when I have family reunions or families with small children. I am of the opinion that if an accident can happen then it will. So, unless you put the art in a case and lock it, accidents can happen everywhere.

Me, as a guest, going to an airbnb where art is for sale… hm… if I really, really like it I might inquire but only if it’s clear to me that it is for sale.

Oh, yes, I see. I don’t get your guests.

I wouldn’t want to sell the art either. I only purchase art from guests for my personal collection but have had someone ask about a painting and then passed on the artist’s card. Hands are full with guests, I certainly don’t want to be an art dealer as well.