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Connected hosts Airbnb API update

Airbnb updated the API connection that channel managers use, around the 11th of this month I believe.

It allows far more information to be pushed from a channel manager to Airbnb, which is a good thing.

The downside is that several settings previously only changeable from within Airbnb are now supported by channel managers, and in our case, they had been populated by default data. For the past week or so we have had same day bookings from Airbnb enabled, something we switched off as soon as we reopened last year.

Bottom line is that it’s worth having a quick check to a) see if you are on the latest API, and you are b) check your settings, again!



How do u know if you’re on the latest version of api?



I’m not 100% sure. With my CM the interface for Airbnb has changed, so maybe have a look and see if there are Airbnb settings that previously weren’t there…


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