Confused about a request to book

We got a request today that sounds fine. (It’s a request, not an inquiry). But it didn’t come with an Accept/Decline button. And, strangely enough, I can see the guest’s profile shot with the request.

Am I correct that a request should come with Accept/Decline and that the profile shot should be hidden?

Yes, there should be a button. Are you on your cellphone? Try using a desktop instead.

Air glitch on the profile, but hey, his note was nice. If you’re on your cellphone, try replying and asking about “Did you read the HR and what time will you and Dad be coming?” then you should see the button to accept or decline. Weird, but one of Air’s harmless glitches, this time.

BTW, are there 2 beds in your listing or does the bed turn into twins?

I’m on my computer. About five minutes later, the normal reservation info and the Accept/Decline button appeared. Strange about the profile shot being visible from the beginning, though.

The room has one queen bed. I guess they’re okay sharing it. He went ahead and booked.


Heads in beds! Enjoy! His note was nice.

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I’ve read a couple other reports of this glitch on the Airbnb CC. Photos appearing and no accept/decline button.

They just made a bunch of site changes and I 've never known a time when that didn’t result in all sorts of glitches.

Here’s another weird one- a host reported that his calendar and those of two other hosts in his area he knows, are blocked by a non-existent reservation from the same supposed guest.

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It says “reservation”. Are you sure that it wasn’t an Instant Book? A number of hosts have reported that Air messed with many of their of the items in their listing and they found out when they got a booking. It happened to me, just opened listings when I’m still closed.

No, it wasn’t instant book. IB is turned off (I just made sure).