Confirmed guest asking to pay cash and bring dog

I have a confirmed guest, all seemed fine at first. But yesterday she asked if she could add a day… and pay cash. I told her I could take the chance of getting suspended from Airbnb. She accepted my reasoning and asked me to revise the reservation anyway.
This morning she’s asking if she can bring a dog. I don’t accept dogs. I told her I don’t accept dogs and that if she wanted to cancel her reservation to find a place to accommodate her dog, I’d understand.
Do I just cancel her and explain to Airbnb that I’m not comfortable with her?
She has no previous reviews btw.

Edit: She went ahead and cancelled.

I wouldn’t cancel her. I just had someone ask about bringing their dog after instant booking. I sent her a nice note to cancel, and the response was nevermind, we’ll find someone to take care of the dog. Problem solved. As for the cash, since you have the phone number just text the guest and say it’s okay, but you can’t say that within the app.


Initially I was happy to take the cash, but realized I was opening a can of worms if she got hurt or damaged the house. I wonder how many hosts accept cash and how often they get burned.

I’m a bit confused - did she want to pay cash for her entire stay or just for the extra day? If the latter I’ve done that quite a lot with no problems. I’ve never had a guest ask to pay for an entire stay in cash though but I imagine I’d be okay with that.

That’s what your insurance is for. :slight_smile:

I’ve accepted cash from Airbnb guests who wanted to add an extra day or more, but after they were in residence and I knew they were okay. I’m not going to block off days on the promise that a complete stranger will pay me.

And I would never agree to something like that in an Airbnb message. That’s what will get you booted off Airbnb. Otherwise, if they pay in cash when they are in residence, Airbnb would never know.

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Dont discuss cash reservations on Airbnb. I do accept cash payments for extra days tho’.
Generally they ask once they’re in my place- where we both can see what the other is like.
Also, if I like them and they’re likely to return one day, i suggest they get in touch with me privately and I’ll give them a slightly better deal than airbnb , mainly skipping the service fee- and pay me in cash.


Me too, Airbnb have initiated the relationship but if guests want to return it’s because of the services offered by the host, his/her friendliness & and helpfulness and in general the way the guests have been treated during their stay.

I know that Airbnb doesn’t like this and they believe that because they introduced the host to the guest they are Airbnb customers for life but that’s not the real world.


The cash was just the extra day she added after the fact.

Initially I was ok with it, but after thinking it through, I decided to tell her I wouldn’t take the chance of losing my ability to host. If she would have messaged me privately may have been a different story.

A reminder to all: taking cash, third-party, bookings, etc. that go against the TOS work as long as you have a good relationship with the guest. As we all know, guest loyalties turn on a dime, and that wonderful guest did a favor for can quickly stab you in the back.

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