Confirm and Cancel Scam?

Just yesterday, I had 3 people confirm and then cancel within minutes of booking(last-minute…for the same date of yesterday); another person had done the same thing a week before for this same date. They all asked me to waive my cancellation policy(5-day notice) and send a refund. I contacted Airbnb and they assured me my account would not be charged for refunds. I feel this was some sort of scam(or the weirdest coincident ever) but can’t figure what the end game would be. Had this happened to anyone else? (Just to be safe, I removed instant booking and the combination to our lockbox.)

Well if you do not refund then what is the scam exactly?

I suggest changing the combo between guests anyway, I only give it to them last minute.


I agree with @RiverRock - I don’t see where the scam is because they’re not making a lot of money or getting a free stay. Can you explain further?

I’ve had much weirder coincidences.

Also, you should definitely change the combination between guests. Your insurance company won’t think highly of you not doing so. I’d advise against using the last four of the guests’ phone numbers. I used to but realied that every host I was staying with was doing that. Because I could guess the combination, I could have let myself in before check in time - if I was that sort of person, which I’m not of course :slight_smile:


Thatd depend on the type of lock. Smart locks can be programmed to only work after a set time- like checkin at 3pm etc.


That was the mystery- I couldn’t see what the angle was. I’ve only been hosting for 2 years but this multiple booking/cancellations in the course of a few hours - for the same date(March 8)had never happened before. Maybe it was just the universe messing me around.

Do you require ID in the option of your listing? It is also possible to hide your address until the 48 hours free cancellation period of airbnb. It’s in “Location” at the bottom when editing the listing.

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I realize this message was written a while ago and as often as Airbnb changes things it may or may not still be available. I am on the app and can not find it. Is this only on the website on a computer? Is it still available? Thanx in advance.

I just looked on my computer and found it


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Yes, I believe so. Listings —> Listing Details —> Location —> bottom of the page .

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I was able to find and update it on the website in my phone following your instructions. Thanx!!!

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