Confession here: hosting old people ,what type is ur favorite guest?

UGH!!! Old people are nice BUT I have found some tend to make for a more difficult cleanup. Also, more stains on bedding(incontinence?) They also tend to hang out more in the room…maybe they tire easily. The toilet bowl is always dirtier! Believe it or not my favorite people???The young tattooed crowd! (I never would have thoguht that!)They are always super friendly and obey the rules and dont leave a huge mess! They write awesome reviews you can take to the bank!

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I’ve had wonderful guests of all ages but I definitely agree that youngsters tend to be the best. Some of my favourites have been teenage couples. At the risk of stereotyping, most of my teenage guests have been from Europe (but some US too) which makes me wonder if European youngsters are more accustomed to travel?

I think most European are accustomed to travel. We do have a ton of small countries grouped together. Costs nothing and takes no time to travel between them.

Travel IS the greatest education.


Have you ever been to the Busch Gardens in Virginia? That was the most many of us had as far as exposure to other countries…lol.

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Young are great. Sometimes people alone need more interaction. Have had 4 guests who barely left their room in 5 days. Older guests who are new to airbnb, I try to avoid altogether. Single guys so far have been my favourite, not specific to any nationality.

What about Epcot Centre (sorry, Center!)?!

Good grief, you’re talking as if your older guests are in their dotage! How old are they exactly? 90? I’m almost 70 and I can tell you I would not in my wildest dreams leave a toilet bowl dirty!

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I have never been to Disney World :(. I just looked up Epcot Center and didn’t even realize what it was. I just learned it a whole theme park part of Disney World. Where have I been?? - lol. I thought it was just a big building in Disney World…

maybe 60 to 75? Yea I dont get the toilet bowl thing. When I stay in a hotel I clean the hair out of the tub and sink and make sure the toilet looks clean. But then I do a lot of things!Like change the light bulbs from those damn curly q bulbs to bulbs so I can SEE! I bring extension cord for computer, extra towels, my own cups(I work in a hotel) because they do not sterilize the cups…to far to go for a dishwasher. Some hotels(I wont say) will spray the glasses w windex and wipe w a paper towel. I always nudge(without touching w my hands ) the tv remote into a ziploc…that is the dirtiest item in the room, worse than the toilet because it never gets disinfected! I always clorox disinfect all light switches and door knobs too. Then I can relax w my martini on the bed in my bubble suit!