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Condo rule language to ALLOW Airbnb - Cambridge, MA


Our condominium assoc (3 units) would like to allow Airbnb, but our old documents prevent STR. We are in agreement to change them and looking for examples of language that may have been used by other condo associations.

I’m sure we’ll eventually use a lawyer, but wanted to start by collecting examples, if possible.



Be careful here. I am an owner in an HOA [Arlington, MA] that only allows short term rentals if the owners are occupying the space; not as a whole house rental. As you all move forward, be sure that you define exactly under what conditions short term rentals are allowed.

Whole house when you are on vacation with a maximum number of nights per year? Spare bedroom only when owners are also staying? Whole house full time?

Will be interested to know what parameters, if any, your HOA elects to adopt.


Would the typical buyer want your condo unit to live in or rent as a STR? Be careful you don’t hurt your value. If i was looking to buy a unit in a 3 flat to live in, I would not want STR in the building.

But maybe the condo is worth more as a STR.


Cambridge has some strict guidelines regarding Airbnb. Have you seen this;


I would call the new STR rules in Cambridge clear more than strict… two year negotiations between lots of groups. We believe in collective deliberation here in Massachusetts. Things take forever to be settled, but the end results generally take all “sides” into account.


Yes, the state is trying to figure it out now, too. Let’s hope the state senate plan carries more weight than the house plan when all is said and done. The governor’s plan is the best of all as far as hosts are concerned.


Yes, thanks! We will be compliant with Cambridge regulations, and with a few of our own limits. Our current condo docs have very old language prohibiting STR (pre Airbnb). We already have agreement on the new principles, and have been looking for samples of Condo Assoc rules that allow STR. We may have to work with a lawyer on our own, but I can’t believe we’re the first to do that.

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