Concerned about a booking!

Hi guys
I’ve been a host for nearly 12 months and am loving the experience. I need some thoughts though regarding a recent booking. A man who only lives 15 mins down the road requested a 1 night stay. I chatted briefly with him and all seemed fine so I accepted the booking but then the conversation got wierd!! He said he and his wife won’t actually stay the night, they just want some time away from their kids and would like to check in at 1pm (instead of my 4pm check in) and they will probably leave about 11pm the same night!! Does this seem strange and should I cancel the booking? Your thoughts pkease - Anne

Uh no. First of all, you are not the no tell motel.
And you don’t take check ins that early, sorry.

I would offer to let the guest cancel.,if he doesn’t want to, call Air and cancel it. Don’t let these people come and use your personal home for a hook up location.


Thank you for kinda confirming my suspicions I appreciate your honest feedback. I have just now sent a message giving him the opportunity to cancel the booking but if I don’t get a response I will have to cancel it myself.

Such a funny guest, sounds more like a “me and my mistress” kind of situation :smile::smile::smile:.


Call Airbnb to have them cancel on your behalf & penalty-free. The system likes to assume you’re a terrible host if you do the cancelling and may impose fees and remove Super Ho eligibility for one year.

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I’ll be the only one I suppose…I might be fine with this booking. I’ve had locals tell me they want to get away. I’ve had women with military boyfriends come visit their guys that are stationed here. I’ve had people visiting their relatives. There are forum members who are paranoid about locals knowing where they live and how to get in. But you can’t really prevent locals from finding out that information anyway.

There’s also an opinion about people who are having sex in certain ways that doesn’t bother me. People are going to have sex in our rooms and most of them I have little to no idea what the relationship between those people is. So I’m not going to penalize someone who gives me more information over someone who gives me less. If the room is ready 1 pm check in is fine and 11 pm check out works great for me.

What I would not want is a prostitute with a string of paying clients. I also wouldn’t want to listen to it all day so how much separation there is between the guest room and my space, or if I was going to be home would be a consideration.


What is your concern, they are going to have sex? Naive to be in the hospitality industry and not assume people will have sex.


Personally, I don’t see the problem with hooking up at your personal home. The issue is that they mentioned the early check-in after the booking was confirmed. Not fair and will cause issues.

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Yeah, it is totally weird a guest to ask for early check in.


Yeah, I wish they’d would all ask … unlike the gentleman who showed up at noon without having replied to my message that morning about checking in. And then seemed irritated that I had the nerve to mention it was before check in time. Then gave a one word review and downgraded me on three criteria. Give me the 5 star locals with no reviews who just want to get away any day.


I agree with Karma here - I don’t see a reason to cancel … as long as they are reasonably quiet and don’t, as we Brits say, frighten the horses! You could charge a bit extra for early check-in as long as it doesn’t inconvenience you. And who knows - his story could be true and you might be helping to Save This Marriage!

I should put the second best sheets on the bed, though …



Good plan! … :grin: