Compromised Host Account

I created my first host listing and 2 days later the listing disappeared from my account. Airbnb has not been able to find the listing or provide any reassurance that my personal information has not been compromised. Even thought they sent an email telling me that they locked my account because it “may” have been compromised. I have been back and forth with their call center in Southeast Asia to no avail. Has anyone experienced this situation?

No. But I’ve had several instances where I’ve modified the text on my listing description only to discover a day later that the content had reverted to an older version. The Airbnb software is ofter plagued by such issues. Quite often, after they introduce some new feature or tweak, as they often do, an existing, time-tested feature you rely on breaks. So @Brn2Run021,
Welcome to Airbnb!

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Stop using the Asian Call Center. Wait out a few time zones to get someone from Western Europe or America; often the of-shore “help” aren’t very helpful; sad to say.

I actually reached someone in America yesterday, But after 30 minutes she said she could not help because there was already a case manager assigned and could not provide any ETA on when he would call me back. My concern is that my home and personal information have been compromised but they don’t seem to care. It’s infuriating.

The only advice I can share is that tweeting at them sometimes gets you faster communication. And from other hosts’ experience, you get a better outcome if you don’t give up- keep calling, emailing, or tweeting until you get a good response.

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