Compliments Section

Have you seen the Compliments section under Progress, where guests compliment you on 7 categories: Amazing Amenities, Stylish Space, Quick Responses, Thoughtful Touches, Sparkling Clean, Outstanding Hospitality & Local Tips.

I wonder if these are ranked in any way? Since each of my guests’ compliments are in a different order. So, if Sparkling Clean is first, does that mean out of all the compliments, that one was ranked at the top?

I had seen on our listings a few months back that Home Highlights showed up under the listing name with some info such as Great Location, 100% of recent guests gave this home 5*s and Sparkling Clean, 12 recent guests have said this home is sparkling clean.

But now we can see who gave us what compliment. I see that some guests don’t bother.

This is only visible on the app, not on the website (at least for me, at this time).

Thanks to you, I just noticed a recent guest gave a 3 for location. 5 star overall and several compliments but 3 for location. Ugh. LOL

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Yeah, that’s where I saw it under Progress. But the Home Highlights seem to only show up on the website.

I’m sorry you got a 3 for location, which I think is sort of a worthless criteria since the guest is the one that chose your place, most likely based on Location!

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LOL. It’s okay. There are so many posts here about how stupid that category is. So many people use it as a proxy for “SES status of neighborhood.” It had been so long since I’ve gotten a 3 on anything (literally about 3 years) I was bit shocked. All that matters is that 5 star overall anyway.

Either our guests don’t think we’re worthy of compliments (entirely possible–ha!), or I don’t have this yet. I can’t find anything about compliments under the Progress tab on my iPad app. Is this within each individual review?

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ON my Android it’s under Progress then tap reviews and you’ll see them there

Nope not even SES gets 5 :star2:. My area is high SES and really convenient but I often get 4 stars. It would be better financially for me to do Airbnb in a lower SES area. I don’t think guests have awareness of how much things cost.

I was only referring to my listing and my street.

Nope, no love for me (sniff sniff)…

I’m sure it’s just not visible for you yet. It’s impossible that no one has complimented your beautiful listing with Panthers stuff during football season!

Awww, shucks… I feel so much better now–whew! :hugs:

P.S. CAN’T WAIT for season to start! We have our first home pre-season game TOMORROW! YAY!

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My property is located in the most upscale part of town and it is highly sought after, very safe, clean neighborhood, surrounded by most of the attractions guests come here for and yet, I still get 3 & 4 star reviews, on occasion. I once had a guest stay because she wanted to be close to her family, who lived 3 minutes away from my place and yet, she gave me 4 stars on location. I was shocked.

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What’s really shocking, honestly, is that I have 92% 5 star in the location category. I’m surprised it’s that high given the neighborhood. There are a very small number of guests that I have an idea of why they deducted stars like the woman who remarked on the wrought iron guards on the windows of many homes including mine. Multiple neighbors park in their front yard where other neighborhoods have landscaping. There isn’t a single front lawn on my block and most front yards are in violation of city code.

I’m in the same situation but have also received only four stars for location sometimes. This is very common and you’ll find dozens of posts here about it. It’s not shocking and it’s nothing unusual.