Complete system failure - no support help

Not receiving messages in my inbox. Earnings not showing on the earnings page. Reservations not showing on the reservations page. No notifications of payments. Until a week ago I had all these things. Fortunately, all the reservations are showing up on the calendar page (because my primary host is still getting this information although I am not). I am the owner but I have a “primary host” who manages all the day to day issues. I am registered as the co-host. This has all been functioning fine for six months then wham. It is not functioning. Four conversations with support. First guy said escalated to engineers. Next two suggested - I only get this information if I am primary so delete current co host (I live in Australia and she lives around the corner from the property in Scotland) / delist (despite some ten reservations) and then relist / if not all future payments will go to the (current) primary host and not me. Not one serious answer. The obvious answer is should I become the primary host - and according to them receive all the payments (I own the home) then I would be doing all the responding to guests day and night from the otherside of the world. Relaying their requests in the middle of the night to my co host who lives a few blocks away so she can respond. The last guy almost had me convinced I was insane and not him. If anyone can help me here I would appreciate it. My only other option is to pull it off Airbnb. Have had good number of reservations and good reviews.

Hi @sarah1

This is a strange one. It sounds like there was a technical glitch.As the co-host you should be accessing messages.

However as the owner of the property I would say you should always set yourself as the main host.

Why not do this and then add your co-host…as the co-host. This wouldn’t mean that you would need to do all the guest management. Why would it ? The whole point of setting up a co-host on your listing is that they have access to your listing including guest inquiries.

Why wouldn’t you want to do that?

Does that mean that you set up the account so that your registered co-host has been the one receiving payment from the beginning? It makes me wonder if the co-hosts has changed a setting so that your stuff is restricted

The “obvious answer” is that you should have been the primary account holder/host from the very beginning. Who’s name is on the payment account – yours or his?

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Thank you to everybody. She has been the primary host from the beginning. She is the first point of call for all the guests, and greets them also. All payments have been coming to my bank account by direct deposit from the beginning. There is only one bank account set up on airbnb that I can see, mine. And I could read all the dashboard headings which was great cause it meant I could keep in touch on what is happening. I have just heard from her by email to say that she has just recd the amount I was meant to receive in her bank account. So you are all correct. I will have to change to the primary now to ensure I get the payments. That leaves me with the problem of how to service guests? As co-host since end of December I have been cut off from messages / and the other sites, what if she is then cut off and I have to manage. I cannot of course. And yes, a nefarious thought had crossed my mind. Just to say thank you to everybody for responding. Have been feeling so distraught about this. Thanks

Thought I would show what airbnb says about the various contacts for guests:

These are the 3 types of host that can manage a reservation:

  • Listing admin: The person who lists the space in their Airbnb account. This is usually the person who owns, manages, or lives on the property. Guest ratings and reviews will appear on the listing admin’s profile, and will affect their Superhost status.
  • Primary host: The main point of contact for guests before, during, and after their reservation, who’s shown as the host on the reservation. If the primary host is also the listing admin, guest ratings and reviews will appear on their profile and affect their Superhost status.
  • Co-host: Someone who helps the host manage their listing and guests. Guest ratings and reviews won’t appear on the co-host’s profile or affect their Superhost status.

The listing admin determines who will be the primary host of a reservation. They can be the primary host themselves, or they can make the co-host the primary host. Both the listing admin and primary host will receive all notifications related to the reservation, but ratings and reviews will only appear on the profile of the listing admin.

Guests will see the primary host on the reservation, and will expect to interact with only the primary host during their stay.

I am registered as “Listing Admin” not co-host as I mentioned before.

Airbnb have advised they will not tell me if they have made payments from this listing to the primary host in the past due to privacy reasons.

Overnight I left another message with them and their response was to say this enquiry has been closed.

Circles of life.

I have the same problem. I tried deleting the co-host, but now it just means no one can see the booking except Airbnb and the cohost is still receiving the payment.
Airbnb day it’s a glitch but it started 2 weeks ago and they haven’t resolved it yet and they say there is nothing they can do and their technical folk are currently working on it.

Thank you so much for responding. I feel like I am going insane. I read and reread what they say on site about who does what - as far as I can see we have been doing it exactly as the site says you should for six months. And I think you are correct on timing. For me it was one poor guest 2 wks ago booked 3 weeks and airbnb took the money double from his account, and he then could not cancel etc etc. That has all been sorted, but the outcome was the probs you and I are both having. What I dont get is how the co-host receives a payment if their bank account (Whatever) is not listed with the property? If I get any helpful response I will post it here.

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Have been doing more research. This has happened often - with some other threads on this site having the same problem in the past. What also appears to be the case, (altho I may be wrong) is in some countries (and therefore seperate Airbnb companies) the Listing Admin / Primary host / co-host arrangement is different. For example in Australia they only have two of these - Listing Admin and Primary are one and the same, with a co-host. My IP is Australian my property UK and my Primary co-host is UK. Still no resolution, however thought I would mention if it helps.

I’ve just had the missing booking show up in my calendar this morning as well as an entry into my upcoming payments for the correct amount. Not sure if the fixed the problem or got sick of hearing from me and did some kind of manual intervention.

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Havent checked everything thoroughly but ME TOO!!! Yahoo! (before it became a brand)