Complaints, complaints, complaints

I have guests who are totally sending a barage of complaints about my new airbnb house rental house. Some of the complaints are warranted, and some of them are totally stupid. Either way there’s a mix of stuff I can address and some that I just can’t and they are nit picky people. What I’d like to do is just give them a full refund and for them to get the hell out of my house since they are so unhappy. Then at least I would be able to address these issues in peace without the constant barrage of complaints. But what I think they’re trying to do is just stay and complain all week and THEN try to get a full refund, basically getting a free stay and making life miserable to weeks on end with me and airbnb. Thinking of just blaming it on a bug infestation and telling them the house is unsafe and that they have to leave NOW. Would that be so bad? If it is, what should I do? Need advice so urgently!

Cut and paste what they are saying.
It’s hard to help you without the details.
Don’t refund anything yet. Air might give them everything back if they can prove bugs.

You cannot cannot have a bug infestation. If you do, the guests deserve a refund.


Yes, there is a bug infestation outside the home of spiders. I thought we’d taken care of it with pest control, but they’re still running around and ruining pool time. Also, termites are a new concern. The problems have been addressed. The guests weren’t nuts and the problems were worth complaining about. They’re leaving early and I’m giving them a full refund. It’s a new thing for me to rent an entire home and I’m learning as I go along. Florida in the summer is pretty awful for things like termites and pests of all sorts. So all is good and forgiven, but I’m sorry their stay was not better. This is the first really bad host experience I’ve had, but a lot can be learned from this. Thanks all for your advice!


Um…termites are not a normal thing. Nope not even in Florida. Please contact a licensed, bonded pest service.

They seem to be the norm up here where I live in Tampa. We bought an older home and just had it tented to get rid of the problem. Other homes up here are also being tented for the same reason. Orkin dude says this time of year lots of houses get tented as they deal with the termite swarms. It’s a lot greener up here, so the problem is pretty big. However, when I lived in Miami and Miami Beach it didn’t seem to be a problem at all, possibly because the homes and condos are built with newer materials. But up here it’s termite world!

We’re gonna get the problem investigated and taken care of. I don’t mind about the money, as airbnb rentals allows me to make that money back. And I don’t want my guests having to deal with termites, spiders, or anything else. I wouldn’t want to live in a place with lots of bugs.