Competitive websites?

I’m new here and would like to ask your opinion as I’ve noticed some of you are using and VRBO as well.
How is that working out for you? I’m worried about listing with booking since cash needs to be used (even for the security deposit).
Also, wondering how competitive my prices would be if I factor in V’s high fee for both the guests and myself?
I’m renting out a brand new condo in the Philippines, Tagaytay (tourist area about an hour from Manila). I’d love more exposure as the competition on Air is insane, over 300 listings in my immediate area with mostly rock bottom prices :frowning:
I’d love to hear your opinion.
Thank you!

I am using and got most of my booking from there (our place is in Sweden). I am charging 15% extra to guests. is more popular in Europe, right?
Do you ask for security deposit in cash? If so, how are your guests respond to that? It might be a lot of cash they need to put up front :frowning:

I don t know if it s bigger in europe. You can also do a pre autorization on clients card for the deposit

But at the end clients still pay in cash, is that correct? The way I understand cannot charge the rental amount and the deposit and transfer it to me, right?

Clients can directly pay me with credit/debit card if they want. (I am using stripe app on my phone). can also take care of payment in some countries

Thank you for all the info :slight_smile:

@tagaytay -
If you rent out an entire property, especially with multiple bedrooms, then VRBO/HA might be a good choice. But don’t put your main home on there and just leave for the days guests arrive - that’s an AirBnB thing. VRBO guests do not expect to find your clothes and such there - they expect to find someone’s second vacation home.

If that describes you, then VRBO might work well.

@tagaytay: VacationHosting at is another vacation rental website, but with a lot of hosting options and flexibility for hosts. However, it’s currently in Private Beta. You can request an invite at the site if you want to see what it’s all about or if you want to be one of the first hosts to upload their rooms/properties. It will be launching soon too.