Compensation for relocation the guests

Hi guys

Hope for your help.
My house was occupied illegally by some armed people and police did not help though I have all the papers. So I could not accomodate customers who booked my house, I have a police report I sent it to asking to cancel my bookings. It is not my fault here. It is a nightmare. I refunded the guests their deposits which they paid directly to my account. found an alternative accomodation which costs twice more than mine. Now ask me to pay the difference.
Due to their terms they need my approvement for the alternative accomodation but it is not said distinctly in the terms.

So what to do? to pay or not to pay? will they go to the court?
The house is in Thailand, they ask to pay around 450 usd but at the moment every dollar counts (this house was my only business).

Thanks for any advice.

You really need to contact directly; we can’t help you; except to say stick with AirBnB rather than some of these other imitators.

Yes it’s normal if you can’t accomodate the client. Can you find an other place that is similar but at a price price?

You have to either find an other place for the client or take care of it (but it can be expensive…)

I get 80% of clients from

If you are having guests pay you directly, I would not involve with anything at all. Once you involve them, then you are inviting them to mplement their relocation policy and ask you to pay the difference.

You need to get them to waive the difference and tell that you have refunded everything and you weren’t given an opportunity to help the guests find alternate accommodations. I wouldn’t approve any of it. Be prepared to delist if they don’t agree. I know a couple of people who have had the difference waived but they had to fight for it.

Be sure to get it waived right away. You don’t want the amount going on the next invoice they issue to you. After that it may be much more difficult to get them to do anything.