Communication Problems with Airbnb

I’ve been having a few issues with Airbnb communications for the past few months. I’ll get into them one by one over time.

First: When a guest makes a confirmed booking, when does Airbnb provide them my address?

A guest new to Airbnb made a booking at the end of August for this coming weekend. He asked me this week when he would get my address. I thought that Airbnb immediately provided that when the booking was made and assumed that he just didn’t read the communications from them; so I gave him my address.

He replied just yesterday saying that he should have been more patient; that he finally received the address yesterday.

Is this typical? I’ve never had this experience before.

It depends on a setting that you select under the Listings tab. It’s towards the bottom of that page at the end of the Location section and it’s called, “Location Sharing”. You can choose whether to have your guests receive your information directly after booking or not until they can no longer cancel for free. If he just got it and the booking is for this weekend, do you use thee Flexible cancellation policy?

Here’s a pic of the setting. I marked out the street names since it’s a public forum.

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As mentioned above you decide as a host when guests receive the information.

I have mine set met up so guests automatically receive the information 48 hours after booking . @eileenfeim

It doesn’t matter when my guests get my address, no one can ever find my house using the address :confused: I have to send them a map.

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That specifically addressed and solved my problem – thank you!

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