Communication in air or text?

I’m wondering if you keep all communication on the Airbnb platform? I know that’s best, but I feel like some people just don’t respond to my air messages after they’ve checked in. For instance, we currently have some guests for 5 nights, tonight is their third night. I sent my usual check in message this morning ( I would normally send the second day but they checked in at 1:00 am the first night) asking if they needed anything or had questions, etc. We are also having an unusual heat wave here so I gave them some additional information about using the yard, alternate bedding options (cooler) laundry and some other things. I’m also curious to know if our brand new portable a/c unit is doing the job. Anyway, I haven’t heard a peep out of them, although we live next door and I can tell that the a/c is on and they are there. I think it may be the boyfriend’s birthday today so I hate to bother them, but should I send a text if I don’t hear anything?? I just want to make sure everything is satisfactory. I really like guests that at least send a quick reply, because I am a worrier and start to assume they hate the place and will leave me a horrific review.

I have never used anything but the AirBNB message system. I don’t really see any reason to do anything else.


I know the feeling but I would relax. Send one text and then leave it. If they don’t answer, mark them down for poor communications. Sometimes when you are doing everything right, and they are nice as pie, they turn around and whack you regardless. So you never do know… try to relax! You don’t want to be perceived as hovering.

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I try to keep everything on the Airbnb messaging system. One reason for this is that if we communicate by text the guest will be texting either me or my husband, not both. Also, it helps to preserve a record of all communication in one place.

However, I often email to guests’ private email when I am giving them restaurant, sightseeing or shopping recommendations. This is because the Airbnb messaging system doesn’t permit us to link websites.

So you think I should go ahead and send one text since I haven’t heard back from my air message?

I try to use the system whenever possible too but sometimes a guest will call or text me. If that happens, I always summarise the details on the system. ‘Further to your text, I’m confirming that…’ etc.

It’s always good to have a papertrail that Airbnb can easily reference if necessary.

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I wouldn’t. It would come off as pestering. Just leave it. They will let you know if there is anything wrong. You can check the AC yourself after they leave.


I always use the Air system. Occasionally if a guests texts me directly I will respond to both the text and also in Air. I never want to not be covered. If guests don’t pay attention to the Air system, it’s kinda tough tbh.

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I always do both. I send same welcome message include guidebook and entry code through air and to their phone number at same time 2 days before their stay. After they reply through what ever platform then I will just reply back on the same platform. If i don’t hear back from them I will continue sending messages to both ways.