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Communication between hosts & guests

I am a host, but trying to book an AirBNB in another City. The host responded that she should have blocked it off as she will be away all day, but could offer a late check in. This is fine. But I have twice responded saying that an she has not received the messages. She just now sent me a message saying she has blocked it off as unavailable, but to text if we are ok with a late check in. We don’t know how to text an in any case her phone number is blacked out.
Do the email messages (replying to her) not work?

Someone else posted in another thread that they are having trouble with messages. She should know you can’t “text” her. If you really want this place you are going to have to keep messaging her. Maybe you could reserve an different date and then the reservation could be altered? Does she have instant book?

Replied to her how? Did you use the Airbnb messaging system, or did you reply to her email directly?

All I have for her is the AirBNB contact. They system has blacked out her email. I tried a dummy booking for another date, but that appears to go to my credit card and there are penalties to cancel…

Doing an inquiry should always be an option. You shouldn’t need to do a booking.

Also, you are sending her messages direct via the Airbnb messaging system, and it’s not getting to her? If so, that’s fairly unusual, and perhaps you should let Airbnb know. After all, they have her contact info. :slight_smile:

I sorted it out by typing into the box on the previous email, NOT just hitting reply (which Air BNB says you can do~) I was surprised, but on her listing it goes direct to the CC…
Anyway, I got a room and we will enjoy being guests in stead of hosts!

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