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Commercial property taxes

Our wonderful Minnesota department of revenue, tax and spend government has decided that our Airbnb’s who have guest that stay less than 30 days will now be considered commercial property and will be charged commercial property tax rates, which they estimate will multiply our current property tax by 3. Thank you big brother government. Unfortunately we are at the mercy of the hotel industry who have lobbyist to work in their behalf and we do not.

Is this the home where you live?

No, it is a 4 bedroom house that is non-homesteaded which is already a higher tax rate, but now will be commercial rates, and triple the non-homesteaded rate. They did exclude the ones that the owner lives in.

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You’ve been lucky for it not to have been considered a commercial property before now!


Well, if you’re running it as a business then commercial rates seem fair to me.



Wow that is awful I agree. Renting a home is not a commercial activity. … unless the tax is applied to all homes that rent. Length of stay is irrelevant. I agree.

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