Commentator advises guests to take videos

Radio and TV consumer expert Clark Howard advises readers of his latest email blog who plan to stay in an AirBnB to take movies of their accommodations immediately when they check in; and also when they check out.

Here’s a link to his site:

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I like it. Because guests do their exit cleaning, I ask them to take a few pics of the unit when they checkout for their protection in case the next guest complains the unit is damaged or unclean.

I suggest they be sure to include pics of the bathroom and kitchen but they decide what else. It’s easy to send the pics from their phone to me via Airbnb or direct text.

A surprising number send 10 or more pics of a 1BR/1BA condo. Once in a while, I get a recording and the running commentary is amusing.

Some look like professional real estate photos. I told my last guest she had sent the “most-est and best-est pics” and asked if she had considered a real-estate photography side job.

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It would be more useful for the owners to video to protect themselves from guests

I saw that headline, too, but didn’t read the story so thanks for answering the “I wonder” question in my head. I wouldn’t have any issues with his recommendation but it’s interesting that underneath that recommendation is the implication that guests are getting unfairly nailed for damages they didn’t cause. That is truly unfortunate in terms of the reputation of short-term rentals.


With the ease of taking videos with phones these days, it would be a good idea for hosts to take videos before they rent out their spaces, of if not in that area to have the person preparing the property for the next guest to do the same thing.

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Yes. Unfortunately stories abound on of bad hosts. Some of the stories are baseless but there are some bad hosts out there

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