Comment apple TV was hard to use


I got a last comment (4stars) with the comment that the apple TV was hard to used. I am usually showing the place and ask them if they need me to show how to used the apple TV. What more should I do to avoid this kind of comment in the future?

Don’t offer amenities that require a brain.


I had many guests that like a lot this so I don’t see this as a good solution

Don’t offer it. Get a chromecast or a Netflix account.


I have a netflix account on the apple tv. The chromecast was the one I had before (with a tablett) but It was slow and not as popular.

Then I would simply discontinue the Apple TV as it is obviously frustrating to guests. New guests would never know you even offered it.


Ok I was being sarcastic but if you are worried about ratings keep everything simple. Offer wifi and most people have their own devices and accounts to play music, watch films, etc. no Apple TV. I have one, I love it but I don’t offer it to guests as they are clueless how to use it. That goes for the DVD player as well!

Unfortunately, there is no way to completely avoid this type of comment. We always offer to show guests how to use things and ask them to tell us if they need anything. There will always be guests who decline offers of assistance, then state in reviews that something didn’t work or they couldn’t find something. The only thing I can think of that might help is for you to tell new guests during the walk through that as some guests have had difficulty working the Apple TV you’d like to show it to them. I would also include printed instructions as guests can’t remember everything they’ve been shown and told during the walk through.


I had a guest who could not open a door handle( old fashioned pushed down lever, she was banging on the bedroom door, like there was a fire ) another one could not flush a toilet ( it’s not one of the Japanese high tech ones ) push down lever , and another who could not press one button on shower to start it (she asked me 3 times to show her). Most of my guests can’t use a toilet brush but thats another thread. Common sense is not always so common.

I now spoon feed guests and go through everything really slowly and then ask if they have any questions. Everything is written down in a folder in their room in case they missed something. Keep it simple for your own sake.


Write a simple, one page explanation of how to use the AppleTV and put it in your House Manual. Then tell people nd show them where it is… I did that with our two TV remotes – one for Netflix, the others for basic cable. Has saved me hours of re-programming hassles…


All our tv is through the internet, via Amazon Firestick. I have given detailed instructions in my house manual and I have written instructions in a folder in the sitting room (a real idiot’s guide as I am the least techie person I know!!). I live in the house too and am usually on hand if guests get stuck. This has worked for us so far.

Easiest, most idiot-proof smart TV is roku and I’ve researched all the options. If you can find one in your area buy a TV with ROKU built in so you only have one remote with very few buttons.

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In addition to what @KenH said, I would print a one pager with color pictures of each step (Apple TV can be a bit tricky for technophobes like me who can’t problem solve my way out when the idiot before me pressed weird buttons). I have had this conversation with my son many times who on occasion has refused to help because 1. He has shown me before. 2. I am a moron. A guide with pictures would help me.

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Do you have to have cable with that?

Nope! It’s a wall mounted tv so I wanted minimal visual mess and ease of use. I bought a new HD tv antenna thinking of pickup up local HD live channels but decided against it. They are reasonably cheap though and work quite well if you are in reasonable distance of signals.

Yes, that would be my recommendation as well. Technology is always a challenge for anybody who is not familiar with it. Just always keep an instructional sheet (easy and short points) near your entertainment center, or just include this in your guest guide book (if you have one).

Apple TV is no more complicated than any other streaming device. As Ken said, leave a one page set of instructions and then don’t worry about it.

Roku is much more user friendly…and does everthing Apple does. I have both on my tv and find the Apple too awkward. Ditto Amazon Firestick.

I have an old Wii, which millennials know how to use to stream Netflix. For some reason Roku stick doesn’t work on my TV, maybe because the TV is a bit old, purchased when flat screens were fairly new. Most guests of all ages, however, bring their own devices to watch on a laptop or tablet. I had one older gentleman complain that we didn’t get local channels, so my husband picked up an antenna so you get local channels. We have not had anyone complain since then.

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