Comfortable vs Sturdy. Bedding and Towel Attributes/ Recommendations?

So I’ve been reading up on opinions and it’s hard to sort through. As for bedding and towels, I’ve settled on white, because I’ve had a few staining issues with my first two guest groups. Luckily bleach and a hot wash have had great success. But when it comes to the expected life of the sheets and towels, I have a couple different types of each. One type of towel is thinner and less plush but seems much sturdier. The other type is more plush but seems like it might wear out quicker. As for sheets, a similar issue. I’m using sheets in one bedroom that I’ve used since Moses brought down the tablets - sturdy as hell, but also a bit stiff (low thread count). For the other bedroom, I found a sale on a nice higher-thread count sheet set. Sooooooo comfy but they seem so thin and flimsy.

Does anyone have any specific recommendations in terms of attributes of towels and sheets I should look for to ensure a balance of comfort and sturdiness? Or any specific products online I should check out? Thanks!

Hi, yes I have some good suggestions. For towels, I suggest Lynova. They last a long time and are amazingly absorbent. They look very high end but the price is very good. The Distinguished Guest carries them. I’m going to write a post on them soon because I’ve been using them for 6 months now and they still look fantastic. For sheets, I recommend you read My Quest for the Perfect White Vacation Rental Sheets.

everything they carry on is really high-quality from my experience. my guests love all my bed spreads and they look really nice. right now they are offering a 15% off sale until October 1 with the promo code “school”. They also have some top notch customer service . enjoy and happy shopping!