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Colorado Hosts---How are you handling marijuana smokers who smoke indoors even when you state it is not allowed?

I have really been struggling with the issue of smokers. Colorado is a popular destination for those who want to recreationally smoke weed. I have no problem with that, I just don’t want them doing it in the house! It really stinks and is hard to air out. Despite telling guests this, they continue to smoke in our home. I am close to not hosting anymore after the last guest who also trashed our place by having a party. They clearly smoked a lot of weed in our home and it will not air out. We had to turn down another guest because of the bad odor. Suggestions or others who have experienced this issue?

I’m assuming you have no smoking in the rules.

If so. Contact Airbnb about dealing with it or even get permission to kick them out if they don’t stop.

Atleast this way it is on record and you shouldn’t get a black mark on your listing.

I certainly hope you are reporting all the violators to Airbnb. You should install a security camera outside, pointed a the door so you can monitor if someone is having a big party. Disclose it in your listing, put a picture of it and maybe it will discourage big party types. Make it clear that violators will be reported and removed from the premises with no refund for remaining days. I assume this is a separate house and you don’t live there, but if you can go by everyday and check on the place, do so. Again, disclose that a “safety check” or “cleaning visit” will be part of any stay.

If you are on instant book then I think someone mentioned you can create a statement that guests will see during the checkout…this is a new feature. At least I read that guests will see this before the booking, and not after. You can write a message saying that guests will forfeit their damage deposit if any kind of pot/cigarettes smoked indoors. Pot must be smoked outside.

Or if you are not on instant booking then let guests know this and acknowledge they understand this before you will accept their request. Havng them acknowledge the house rules will not be enough.

Then hopefully the only ones who will smoke indoors will only sneak it occasionally inside, and not pulling a Cheech and Chong episode the whole time they are there.

I still haven’t figured out how to handle this. We ALWAYS get requests to smoke indoors and we deny that immediately. I actually have no issues with indoor marijuana smoking, but it seems visitors to the states are a one hit and quit, they are smoking so much and as we all know the smell ends up thickers and smellier in larger quantities. I always put it like this when asked, “we’ve had many guests that are allergic to smoke/asthmatic and we want to respect those individuals as well as others that might be staying after you.”

I’ve actually thought about getting a NO SMOKING sign for the Airbnb room. I’ve had one-two guests do this (or so it smelled like) and I have yet to take action on it, but I plan to be a little more strict over the next year regarding this. It’s getting on my nerves more than anything.

While my partner works in the marijuana industry, we have a very strict rule about usage within our house. We assess a $300 cleaning fee if they smoke anything in the house.

It is in our rules and we have small signs on the door and in the bathroom stating the rule and that it does in fact include “weed”. We added the actual dollar amount to the signs and that made all the difference.

We’ve only had to collect it once. AirBnB helped me collect the fee. It was pretty easy as they admitted to lighting up in the house, plus we had them on camera.

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Say what? Inside the house you have cameras? Do guests know this?

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I should also add that for a while we were requiring guests to sign a no-smoking agreement. Most people said they totally understood. A few seemed irritated but I assume they were the ones planning to disrespect us and light up in the house.

No, of course there are no cameras inside the house.

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Oh ok…does come across that way from how you worded your posting.

It does sound like the camera is in the house. If the camera is outside may I ask which one you use? Do you allow smoking outside of your house? Is there a deck or porch where one may smoke?

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We have security cameras outside the house and on the road & trails leading to the house. We ask that people go 50ft from house to smoke. However, I’m not super strict on that. We’re surrounded by forest and during extreme dry times (wildfire season) we allow zero smoking even outside.


What about a smoke detector? I once had a clod light a mosquito coil inside the house and of course my smoke detector was out of batteriy and didn’t sound. It could have alerted me right away to smoking or things being lit. Of course I am here on site. But I bet there are detectors out there that can remotely alert you if it sounds?

Yes I know of one.

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