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Collecting additional guest/pet fees through resolution center?

OK…I have a question for those of you who use the resolution center. I believe I only used it once when someone asked me to ship an item left behind. It was $7.25 or so, and the system forced me to round up or down. Does my memory sound correct??

So now Air is saying that if we want to charge for infants and pets, then we should collect through the resolution center. In NC EVERY part of the transaction is charged hotel tax, including Air’s service fees. Guests are charged tax on the service fees too.

If the resolution center forces me to round up or down…that is not good when you need to be collecting an exact amount. And does Air plan on adding the additional tax to the amount they send in every month? I think not, since it will be coming to me. I would still need to turn it in.

Does anyone know if a booking request can be altered before it is accepted? The Air reps. told me it could not be done, and guests will need to cancel and resubmit a new one. In another thread I recall people saying you can alter the reservation BEFORE it is accepted. If so, how?? I told one guest to edit the booking to reflect his infant in the guest count. He ended up canceling and resubmitting a new one instead as he didn’t see how he could edit it.

Travelers won’t be charged additional guest fees for infants or pets. If you want to charge an additional fee, put those details in your House Rules and collect the fee using the Resolutions Center.

I can tell you I am not doing that. I moved the PET fee to my rules (which they say to do) and if someone wants to bring one they have to tell me and I will modify their reservation to include the fee. No freakin’ way am I not charging for a pet.


Forgive my ignorance, but why would you need to go through Airbnb for this in the first place. They got you the booking, fine. They are entitled to their commission.

The fact that you had to ship an item the guest left behind… After they departed… Has nothing to do with Airbnb. Get them to pay you the shipping fee plus something for your time, if you so chose, with Paypal or via credit card, if you accept them.

No commission, no room taxes. That’s crazy.

Did you even read my post?


i just altered a payment to add a pet fee yesterday through the resolution center as guest was checking out; you must submit the addition cost to the guest. *the tricky part i find is that the guest has to confirm/accept it or it doesn’t go through. I had to remind the guest when checking out that he needed to accept it, luckily there was no fuss.

I just charge the pet fee in cash (or credit card or PayPal with a 5% convenience fee) to be paid on arrival (or beforehand). I would require a guest to pay me directly to mail them anything left behind. That’s just me and I know that others will disagree. Isn’t America great!

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Oh my gosh…I just typed out a reply to clarify my post. But then I just deleted it…because why bother. It won’t be understood. Sigh…

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@cabinhost. I think you have to accept first then submit an alteration the guest has to accept. But you can TRY to see if it will let you. If it won’t let you then just do as above. That’s my recommendation.

I’m with you. That’s how I feel most of the time.

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The bigger picture of the post is that Air has made agreements to collect and remit tax on behalf of the host in certain areas.

But now they are requesting that hosts collect additional person/pet fees through the resolution center. Often times these fees require tax to be collected. So some taxes will be going to the host to remit to the state, and Air will also be turning in taxes.

This makes it more complicated than Air’s intervention of tax collection in the first place. Instead of putting a tax line item, they are screwing everything up, and just continue to do so!

@cabinhost. Which is exactly why I just have the guest pay me directly for things other than the reservation.

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I just had to post an item to guest, sent them a message to email me the funds directly. OP, just send guests a paypal invoice.

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