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Cohosting payout Issue


Unfortunately, just had a horrible experience where I added a cohost for 2 weeks and turned it off because the terms and conditions said that I could without any issues. However, the payout still persisted for all existing reservations and new reservations made during the time the cohost was active (despite the fact that no additional services were provided). Please DO NOT turn on the co-hosting services and choose Airbnb as your payout vendor for their services. Use a third party vendor and handle payout on your own because your payments will be on auto pilot and you will be unable to stop them despite the fact that the terms and conditions clearly state otherwise. I have spoken to numerous reps and all gave the same BS about the cohost “contributing” to the reservation and should get paid. For instance my cohost will get paid in September for a reservation that was made in May and has not cohosted since June. That is crazy. But they forget they are a third party vendor and if I say someone should not get paid then they must comply and allow me and the cohost to go through arbitration if necessary. Airbnb needs to get it together because this is really shady as a business practice. For anyone in a similar situation here is the terms and conditions that are clear but it seems Airbnb does not know how to read.

Section 9B

In addition, if you have agreed to a Co-Host Service Fee and/or One-Time Service Fee:

Host agrees to pay Co-Host for all Co-Host Services and One-Time Services completed prior to Co-Host’s termination (“Final Fee Payment”) within 14 days of Co-Host’s termination via the Resolution Center.
Co-Host will not be entitled to any Co-Host Services Fee or One-time Services Fee for Co-Host Services or One-time Services that have not been completed prior to the Co-Host’s termination.

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