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Last year when I became a co-host I missed getting the reviews on my page. Airbnb hasn’t changed their policy about this. I think they should. I’m the primary host in the way that I’m the one who does all the work and communicate with the guests. I think it should be possible for the host to allow reviews to go on my page as well. How can we make this happen?

Can’t make it happen here. We are NOT part of Airbnb. Reviews are for YOUR LISTING. You don’t have “a page” that is all about you, except for your listing which is about the property, not the person – not the listing you co-host.

Sorry, but I doubt that you’ll get more out of Airbnb than “we’ll think about it.”


Yes I know it’s a forum and not airbnb itself. But we could make things happen…
PS Ok, profile instead of page.

Hello @TantLudd

This is a forum primarily for hosts rather than co-hosts, so you are more likely to find the view here, that reviews should be attached to the listing and host profile, rather than a supplier of co-hosting services.

Co-hosts are not the primary hosts - they do not own the property, in most cases they aren’t responsible for the furnishings and quality of the listing, co-hosts are not the ones that pay out for guest damages when things go wrong, they do not set the listing up and they aren’t responsible for making financial decisions around issues such as payouts to guests, when things go wrong.

You are paid to provide a support service to hosts, just as cleaners are, or maintenance people are. Yes of course you help to contribute to the overall reputation of the hosts listing business, but at the end of the day, you are a supplier providing a service.

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In this case, it’s not really so. It’s true I’m not the owner, but I supply half of the furniture, paint and repair stuff when I can. I’ve also done the work for the listings etc.
One reason why I think it should be possible for co-hosts to also get the reviews is that when I start another listing on my own, guests can’t see my previous input. I do think that the host should be the one to allow reviews to go on a co-host profile.

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It’s perfectly simple. Take screenshots of every review of the existing listing that mentions you by name. When you get a listing of your own, you’ll presumably have your own website so that you’re not dependant upon OTAs so put these images onto your site.

Alternatively, and if you decide not to have a website, print them and put them in the house manual of your listing. Ask the host you are currently working for to give you references.

Be sure to only use reviews that mention you by name, otherwise you could be opening yourself up to all sorts of legal stuff and be sure to let guests know that the reviews were from a property you co-hosted and not your new one.

Bear in mind though that @Helsi is correct - you have no legal right to the reviews of a property you co-host; you must ask for permission. You only have to think for a moment to realise what mayhem could ensue from using someone else’s reviews.


Doesn’t the listing owner reimburse you for purchases for the listing? I assume you are already being paid for your services, correct?

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We share, so we’re more like partners, but the listings are in the owner’s name.

I agree that I think cohosts should get some of the reviews too. I’ve seen guests come in with reviews when they werent the booker for their reviewed stay. So they get the benefit of the good/bad reviews on their profile. Someone just IB my place because they met my criteria to IB- including good reviews. But truly that review didnt even mention her- just the name of the person who had booked. It should go both ways or just completely just stay with the guest/host…

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Yes. I don’t know what previous reply (jaquo) meant by if my name is mentioned in a review then I should copy it and could use it. I’ve never seen a guest review mentioning the name of either the host or me, the cohost.
In my profile I can read the reviews for the listings I’m cohosting, and I can also write official replies!
I want to repeat - I mean that the host should have the option to allow or not allow cohosts having the reviews show on their respective profiles. Some hosts just pay someone to do certain shores and pay them specifically for that, others may work like we do.


My hosts mention me by name in almost every single review! That’s crazy that none of your guests do!


Me too. Isn’t it a little odd when guests don’t do so? After all, it’s the person who has looked after them (often a co-host and not the host) who has made their stay a great one.

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Probably a cultural thing. Most of the guests are Swedish. In the Swedish language it’s rare we use eathothers name when addressing eachother. It’s different with reviews I have as a guest though, hosts where I’ve travelled (mainly in the US) often use my name in their reviews.
Guests at our place describes the place and f ex the friendlyness they’ve experienced rather than addressing us.

I try and make a point to mention my guest(s) by name in my review. Even more important now that I’ve seen that guests who are on someone elses reservation also get the benefit of that hosts review. I hate seeing a review that doesnt mention my guest but someone elses name. It doesnt tell me how THEY were

If you click on your profile, even though the reviews aren’t directly linked to you, the listing is, so anyone looking will see the listing you’re co-hosting and the reviews attached to that listing. It’s true that once you quit co-hosting that will no longer be the case, but why should a co-host still be linked to a property and its reviews once they’re no longer co-hosting?

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It’s obvious that you’re a good co-host. When you start hosting yourself, you will get your own great reviews quickly. So don’t worry about transfering those other reviews. In your description of yourself you can reference the other place. You can say that you co-hosted another five star property and decided to host as well.


More like sounds kinda wishy washy. Either youare partners or you are being taken advantage of.